Explosive Audio at Johnny Depp Trial Exposes the Ugly Truth

Six years after being dragged through the mud by ex-wife Amber Heard, actor Johnny Depp is finally getting a chance to tell his side of the story.

Depp’s short marriage to Heard started off wonderfully, but soon became very toxic. The actress claimed Depp’s intense drug and alcohol use and explosive temper were out of control.

Heard famously released photos of her with a bruised face, claiming she’d been battered and bruised by this out-of-control celebrity.

She then divorced Depp, taking huge amounts of his money and ruining his name in Hollywood so he became almost blacklisted from films.

Now, Depp is finally having his say, suing Heard for defamation and telling his side of what happened.

Depp Details Horrific Behavior from Heard

There is no doubt that Johnny Depp has his share of problems. He grew up with a physically abusive mom and began using drugs at age 11, starting with his mom’s anxiety medication.

Depp said he’s used just about every drug there is by age 15, but said he never “partied” and always used drugs to push down the trauma of his early childhood.

Depp says the picture Heard tried to paint of him as an out-of-control drug addict and drunk is totally false. He also says it’s actually her who was the one who beat him.

Explosive audio played to the court shows exactly this, as Heard yells at Depp for being “such a f***ing baby” because he complains about her punching him.

In the audio clip, Heard shouts she didn’t “punch” him, she was just “f***ing hitting” him.

She then says Depp needs to grow up and is pathetic and weak, before sarcastically telling him he’s such a great guy for standing up to her abuse.

Heard sounds like a stereotypical abuser, gaslighting and shaming Depp, as she tells him to shut up about being hit and abused.

In another part of the trial, the court was even shown human excrement where Heard went to the bathroom on Depp’s side of the bed and then claimed it was one of their small dogs.

This is clearly a very sick and out-of-control woman.

The Simple Truth

Johnny Depp is a guy with issues, nobody would argue that. Though there’s no evidence he assaulted Heard. For that reason, her defense team is trying to guard her against the defamation lawsuit by focusing on Depp’s substance problems.

It’s an obvious tactic to trash Depp’s character so the jury doubts everything he says and assumes he was probably just guilty the whole time.

In fact, one of the top tactics of Heard’s sleazy legal team is to argue that Depp was so blackout drunk and stoned that he couldn’t even know whether he did hit her or not.

The evidence tells a very different story. Heard abused Johnny Depp viciously. She abused him physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Then, she went on a feminist platform to try to get fame and money for her lies.

Let’s hope she finally pays for this shameful slander against an innocent man.