Europe Descends into Full COVID Fascism: No Shot, No Groceries

Europe has fallen. It’s no exaggeration to say that what the Nazis could not accomplish in 1945 has now been accomplished. The continent of Europe is now fully ruled by totalitarian bureaucrats who hate human freedom and want to control and oppress every square inch of territory.

Video has now emerged from France which should alarm and enrage all of us because the truth is that apart from a few million patriots, we’re on the edge of this happening in America too.

No Shot, No Groceries

Video has come out in France of security guards stopping the unvaccinated from entering the grocery store. You need special notes from the government to even buy food in France these days, and some people in the video didn’t have those notes.

One of the bouncers pushed a woman roughly as she tried to get in to buy food. This is all starting to get very intense; it is reminding many Christians of Scriptures in the Book of Revelation (13:16-18 and other passages) which talk of the “mark of the beast” that will be needed to do daily life tasks.

We all know that many of our elites are involved in dark rituals and beliefs, so is it out of the realm of possibility that they’re also behind pushing this totalitarian, satanic system?

Case Study: France

As mentioned, the situation in France, in particular, has become dark. We also see in Australia and New Zealand as full COVID tyranny comes crashing around citizens. In France, you now need the right permission slips to even be part of the economy in any way.

Police roam the streets and cafes checking for vaccine cards. The leader of France, Emmanuel Macron, announced the vaccine passport last month, and if you want to do the most basic daily things in France, you now need it. The alternative is expensive tests every time you leave the house.

In one way, France is ahead of the US, however, in that at least Macron has made the border security much tighter. This is in strong contrast to Joe Biden who’s letting floods of illegals into our nation while whining about how we all must get the COVID shot 24/7.

Red Alert

Some blue states in America are going down the same path as France. People like New York Mayor Bill de Blasio have put in vaccine passport systems as well. They aren’t working, but they are succeeding in cramping American freedom and turning us into a police state.

Freedom-loving Americans need to take a long hard look at France and realize what the globalists have in store for us if we give up. They want our freedom, property, money, and heart. They want to conquer us. Don’t let them do it.