Elon Musk Sounds the Alarm as Texas Starts Turning More Liberal

Elon Musk isn’t just the CEO of Tesla and head of SpaceX. He’s also a very bright social commentator. He understands what’s going on in America politically and socially with the woke ideology.

Musk knows and now he’s dropped a bombshell that has the left literally shaking. The latest example came as Musk commented on his new home of Austin, Texas, and how he hopes it doesn’t turn into a liberal “copycat” of San Francisco.

Musk’s decision to move Tesla to Austin didn’t come cheap. There are things he loves about Texas that will be ruined if it becomes just another leftist craphole like California.

Musk Warns About the Dangers of Leftism

Austin is a liberal city; there’s no denying that. It’s full of alternative types, yoga teachers, crystal healers, psychics, and painters. That’s not really what Musk is talking about here.

He’s warning Austin not to make the same policy mistakes as places like San Francisco. This is especially true in terms of turning their backs on law enforcement or deciding a high tax-and-spend Democrat system is the way to go.

Musk was responding to the fact there is a new law proposed for Austin to expand its police force so there’s one cop for every 1,000 people in the city. It would also give police more advanced training on facing dangerous criminals.

It comes as Austin faces a murder spike this year with a growing number of homicides, after cutting its police force by $150 million last year, following the death of George Floyd and BLM protests.

Murders have increased 71% since that decision. It’s absolutely no coincidence Austin is ruled by Democrat lackey Mayor Steve Adler.

Musk Doesn’t Want a Liberal Mecca

Musk is a fairly unique guy, but he never came to Austin to live in another crime-ridden Democrat city full of criminal-loving leftists. He moved his main Tesla HQ from Fremont, California to Austin because Texas is much more friendly to businesses.

In California, the prices of housing were becoming way too much for employees to pay and Musk couldn’t find a way to keep expanding.

In Austin, he’s found a much better location and can keep growing the business as he enjoys the much better regulatory and tax structures of Texas; not to mention, Texas is also very free from COVID insanity.

The Bottom Line

Austin is on its way to becoming another crime-ridden drug den like San Francisco. If it wants to remain unique and creative without fully sinking into the Democrat hell of San Francisco, then Austin needs to heed the warning of people like Musk.

Musk is far from a close-minded individual; he’s simply logical. Moreover, he’s pointing out that growing police presence in the middle of a murder wave is a good idea. He’s correct.