Elon Musk is Buying Twitter

In today’s breaking news, Twitter is in the process of being sold to Elon Musk. The SpaceX and Tesla billionaire’s offer of $43 billion will be accepted, according to reports.

Despite attempts to put in a poison pill and wreck Musk’s offer of $54.20 per share (high above market value), it looks as though Twitter is going to be forced to obey the rules of the market.

Musk has the money, and they’re running out of tricks to avoid selling a private company to a private buyer. The deal is expected to go through as soon as today.

The left, meanwhile, is absolutely melting down.

Free Market, Free Speech?

Remember how we were told Twitter can ban whoever it wants because it’s a private company? By that logic, Twitter can also play by the rules of the free market, which allow it to be purchased and require its board to serve the interests of shareholders.

We already see the corporate left melting down about how billionaires shouldn’t control a free speech platform. Predictably, it’s coming from billionaire-owned propaganda outlets like the Michael Bloomberg-owned Bloomberg News and the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post.

The left’s problem isn’t with billionaires owning media or influencing the control of information, it’s with which billionaires are doing that. This has never been more crystal clear.

As of Sunday, Twitter and Musk met to talk out the remaining issues, but all signs are pointing to a quick sale in the very near future.

This will have huge consequences for the future of free speech in America and the free market.

Despite being originally born and raised in South Africa, Musk is doing more to protect the American way than many of our own citizens, particularly our liberal elites.

What Will a Musk-Run Twitter Be Like?

Folks who support or oppose Musk buying Twitter are all curious about what it will be like once he owns the platform. Musk is known as a strong supporter of free speech, but is also an unpredictable and unusual fellow.

He’s known for enjoying sharing memes on the platform and recently humiliated Bill Gates by comparing him to the pregnant man emoji.

Musk has floated various ideas, including giving every user on Twitter a blue checkmark, reinstating suspended accounts, and charging a monthly fee to increase the quality of the platform.

In the event that he does charge a fee, the deal could end up being bad for Twitter, but Musk is also known for spitballing ideas that he often doesn’t go through with.

The Bottom Line

Musk has massive financing for this deal to go through and Twitter can’t afford to turn him down. Get ready for interesting days ahead as the future of online free speech is decided in this country.