Elon Musk is Already Making Huge Changes at Twitter

Elon Musk recently bought a $3 billion stake in Twitter.

As a top inventor and promoter of free speech, Musk’s move to become the biggest shareholder in the social media giant had many people hopeful.

So far, they are being proven correct. Musk is already moving up the ranks and proving to be a very positive influence.

The San Francisco far-leftists running the company seem to have finally met their match of someone they can’t just shut down and censor.

Here’s why Musk is going to make such a big difference…

Musk’s Big Moves

Only a few days after buying the biggest stake in Twitter, Musk was invited onto the board of Twitter by its far-left CEO Parag Agrawal.

Agrawal and his blue-haired crew are used to people playing by the rules they set. If you annoy them or go right of center, you get shut down, censored, and demonized.

Though Musk isn’t doing that. Most importantly of all, he’s not taking their fake moral high ground seriously. He knows these people are radical idiots who know nothing about the real world, and he’s now openly mocking them.

In one recent tweet, Musk even asks if Twitter’s massive San Francisco headquarters should be emptied out and used as a homeless shelter.

The poll question about Twitter’s HQ, which Musk asked on Twitter, already has over 1.3 million responses, over 90% of which say Twitter’s main building should become a homeless shelter.

Is Twitter Dying?

Musk is all about new ideas and putting them into action. He’s suggested radically shifting the blue check program and making it so everyone who pays a small membership price of $3 a month gets a blue check.

This would radically disrupt the current system which is basically those who are establishment-approved get a blue check. On the other hand, most people will leave Twitter if you have to pay.

The point is a lot of these speculations and tweets from Musk are more about starting a discussion. They’re also about showing how much power he now has.

He doesn’t need to take Agrawal and his team of rainbow warriors seriously, because he owns most of their company.

Recently, Musk tweeted out a question about whether Twitter is dying, due to the really low engagement rate on some top accounts.

It’s a question worth asking, and without these kinds of hard questions, the platform isn’t going to get revitalized or improve in any real way.

The Bottom Line

Elon Musk’s inclusion on the Twitter board is a good thing. Even if he doesn’t end up making as big a splash as expected, his introduction of humor and a bit of comedy to this process is long overdue.

The censors and leftist scolds of Twitter need to understand they’re not the boss of any of us and they never were.