Elon Musk Humiliates Biden Beyond Recognition

Elon Musk pulled no punches Monday with intense criticism of the Biden administration. It’s left our senile POTUS staggering in embarrassment.

In an interview with the All-In podcast, Musk said Biden is just an empty suit with no content and also said Biden isn’t even really the president.

Instead, the real president is whoever is running the teleprompter that Biden tries to read from.

Musk wasn’t done yet, either. He also hit the Biden regime hard on multiple other issues, as well.

Biden Gets Bodied by Musk

Another point raised by Musk was in relation to the rise in inflation.

He said if the Biden administration continues with its eyes closed and injects increasingly more money into the country, the U.S. could become the new Venezuela of the world.

Musk’s warning is something we should be taking seriously. Extreme inflation and socialism do not mix well!

He also referred to former President Trump’s administration, noting that in Trump’s administration, at least people were able to afford basics and succeed.

The Tesla CEO said Biden puts ‘unions’ in front of public interests and his Democrat Party has nothing to offer ordinary Americans. He’s completely correct.

As Musk notes, trying to print more money doesn’t fix the underlying issues in an economy; it just temporarily masks them. We are headed for disaster.

Look at Venezuela

According to Musk, if Biden’s government continues down the path we’re on, it will soon take the country over a cliff, where the dollar will lose its value.

In 2018, Venezuela experienced an increase in inflation of around 80,000%. It led the country to a place among the three highest inflations in the history of the world.

The hyperinflationary crisis, at the time, hit the economy, directly affecting the pockets of Venezuelans. It led to today’s crisis where people eat dogs and have no gas to drive.

The Venezuelan government enriched its inner circle of champagne socialists and let the people starve, choosing the easiest and least intelligent path.

Millions lost their jobs and revolution is always below the surface. However, they were able to enrich the inner circle and avoid actually taking the difficult steps to correct the inflationary spiral.

God forbid the United States ends up on a similar path.

Our Current Situation

Currently, US inflation is near the highest in 40 years.

According to Musk, one of his goals with buying the social media platform Twitter is to make a kind of public square in which people feel comfortable discussing any subject. He says we should all be free to speak our minds.

It’s certainly refreshing to hear a man, even a libertarian liberal such as Musk, speak his mind. He’s right about Biden; his warning regarding Venezuela is something we should take very seriously.