Elon Musk Becomes Twitter’s Biggest Shareholder

Twitter started out as a place for people to share their thoughts uncensored. In the old days of the Wild West, it used to be fairly free. You could sound off, get weird, or follow who you liked.

Then, Twitter’s former CEO Jack Dorsey started getting totalitarian. He began kicking people off for hurting someone’s feelings, suspending accounts for using the wrong transgender pronouns to someone, and so on.

Twitter became famous for booting President Trump off the platform last year, while allowing the Taliban and Iran’s Nazi dictators to stay on.

All of that has remained the same under the new Twitter head and leftist censorship fan Parag Agrawal. Yet, now it might be about to change, thanks to Tesla billionaire Elon Musk.

Musk Buys Twitter

To say that Elon Musk has bought Twitter isn’t 100% correct, but it is a fact that he’s now the primary shareholder of Twitter Inc after scooping up over 9% of its shares.

Technically, Musk is a passive shareholder, which means this is “just business.”

Off the record, it means this guy is going to be watching Agrawal and Twitter’s rainbow-haired censorship fans a little more closely.

Here’s the thing about Musk: he’s not necessarily even that political, and to the extent that he is political, he appears to be more of a libertarian. However, being a libertarian or even a pro-free-speech leftist puts you in direct conflict with the leaders of Twitter.

After all, Twitter has booted people from the platform for questioning the official COVID narrative and vaccines, notwithstanding that these suspicions have now turned out to be factually correct.

Twitter hasn’t brought back those accounts, because it’s just a club for the globalists to beat down those who engage in wrongthink.

Musk can change that, and his $3 billion buy-in on Twitter is substantial. This is not a guy they can afford to mess with.

Is Free Speech Making a Comeback?

Musk is well-known for sharing memes and free speech content on Twitter. He has around 80 million followers on Twitter.

He’s made it clear that he’s thinking about starting his own social media platform, but with this buy-in, Musk is well on the way to just doing a hostile takeover of Twitter and reshaping it in the way he wishes.

Here’s hoping.┬áMusk has been very clear about how he feels on those leading Twitter; he even compared Agrawal to Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.

Stalin was famous for erasing people from photos with him once they had been cancelled (shot). Agrawal and Twitter erase accounts they don’t like and then, all trace of them is gone as if they never existed.

Their crime? Stepping out of line with the official narrative. As we see every day, leftist accounts are permitted to call for violence and engage in all manner of criminal activity with no crackdown.

Here’s wishing the best of success to Mr. Musk!