Elites Running off to Island Paradise as Normal People Suffer

Lamu, Kenya by r'world is licensed under CC BY 2.0

There is a smart way to tell who really has power over you. Look at those who create the rules and system for your life but don’t have to follow it themselves. 

What greater power could there be than the power to impose restrictions and laws on others that you yourself ignore when you feel like it?

The global elites are masters at this, and scoff whenever they are called out for jet-setting to their latest climate conference or going out to mass gatherings with no mask after whining for months about how stupid everyone who doesn’t wear a mask is. 

We’ve seen it over and over, from California Governor Gavin Newsom to former Rhode Island Governor and mask hypocrite Gina Raimondo. 

Now news is coming out of more and more elites searching out their own tropical maskless paradises to relax on, including Satan-worshipping “spirit cooker” Marina Abramovic. 

peponi hotel, Lamu aerial by r’world is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Welcome to Lamu

The Kenyan island of Lamu is an exclusive destination that’s COVID-free and sits only a one-hour flight from the Kenyan capital of Nairobi. The small village of Shela on Lamu is increasingly become a hotspot for rich people and artists looking to dodge the whole COVID thing. 

They want nice things while their buddies like George Soros and Bill Gates do the grunt work to get us toward the One World Order. Yeah, sure, go for it, but let me do devil horn art projects and drink mimosas in the meantime. 

Those who’ve been spotted around the island include spirit cooking weird performance artist Marina Abramovic and Dominic West. There’s no quarantine needed when you come to Lamu and as long as you have a negative test you’re welcome to come hang out. You may also need a fair bit of cash, since it’s far from cheap. 

White-sand beaches and lovely resorts dot the island which is just off the coast but also still has some danger from Somali pirates. The local culture is fairly traditional, and there aren’t paved roads.

Many rich Europeans and royalty are hanging out on Lamu, including Cardiff Castle’s Marquess of Bute, while Princess Caroline of Monaco owns a large beach house in Sheila and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s ex-wife Jemima Goldsmith let their kids vacation on Lamu. 

Living the Good Life

While the rest of the world struggles under COVID restrictions these elites are frolicking around with donkeys on the beaches of Lamu. Abramovic filmed a popular performance video of “Confessions” where she tells a Lamu donkey her deepest secrets. 

The FBI might be interested to get an earful of that, too. Maybe Abramovic is searching for a new homebase to re-establish a new sex trafficking hub for the next Jeffrey Esptein. 

Does John Podesta get an invite to Lamu, too? What about Hillary Clinton or Armie Hammer? It sounds like Armie Hammer is a celebrity who really appreciates the finer aspects of cannabalism and I’m sure he gets the like…deep spiritual uh…transcendence and stuff of eating little bits of people. 

In case it still isn’t clear to anyone, there are two sets of rules in this world: the rules that are made for you to follow and land you behind bars if you break them, and the rulemakers who use the rules to keep you down while they jet around to trendy islands and do stupid crap on the beach. 

We are truly living in upside-down world, and these progressive freakshows want us to accept that we are the underlings of the world. We who work and form families and worship God and care about our nation and our flag: we are the weird ones?

It’s time to just say no: no to your creepy transhuman future, your loopholes and lies and laziness. Get the hell out of our lives and don’t ever come back. Let’s leave them all on Lamu.