Electric Vehicles Have a Big Problem

Joe Biden has been talking about “green energy” and electric cars ever since he set foot in the White House. According to Biden and the Democrats, electric vehicles (EVs) are the wave of the future that will save us from climate change, pollution, and energy crisis.

Despite his Build Back Better (BBB) bill being completely stalled out and lacking the majority to be made into law, Biden and his compatriots continue to push EVs as the solution to all our problems.

There’s one little problem, however: most EVs don’t actually work very well. They also use a lot of electricity. Electricity actually doesn’t grow on trees and has its own considerable environmental footprint.

Charging Problems

The fact is most EVs don’t have a very good charging system. When you go to a charging station, if you can find one, the charger must link up and communicate with the grid to start sucking in electricity and charging.

This generally takes at least a few minutes to happen; it’s common for there to be problems while the car is being fed with that sweet power.

When this happens, you have a couple of kilowatt hours in the battery and have to restart the process of hooking it up and getting it charging again.

Whether it’s Electrify America, Shell Recharge, or various other options for charging stations, they’re replete with many problems and delays that make it difficult for drivers to get the energy they need to drive.

What’s worse, of course, is that many of the environmentally-damaging lithium batteries on EVs just don’t last very long, leaving drivers craning their necks to find the next charging station where they can get the juice they need.

Now, Biden wants these charging stations around every bend, but maybe he and his friends should be sure they actually work before pushing them on the American driver.

Cutting Through the Noise

These charging stations are often hunks of junk and they barely even work half the time. Many have a reduced charging capacity and are very expensive to fix.

They can slap whatever “plug share” score on these charging stations that they want, but they’re still enormously frustrating and inconvenient.

The American driver right now doesn’t need to buy an overpriced EV just to drive it around for a couple of hours and then be stuck searching for a place to plug it in that actually works.

Though again, this is par for the course of this ridiculous Biden regime, which constantly talks a big game without any actual correlation to reality.

The Bottom Line

EVs are not going to save our environment or solve our energy crisis. It’s time we started being honest about that fact.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.