Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Turns Against Joe Rogan

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is famous for his time wrestling in the WWE and his performances on the silver screen. He’s an impressive guy who’s dabbled in politics and even hinted at running for president.

Johnson is also a longtime friend of podcast host Joe Rogan. Johnson stood by Rogan during the ridiculous controversy from the left trying to cancel Rogan’s podcast.

According to liberals, Rogan has been spreading “misinformation” about COVID and should be pulled off streaming services like Spotify. A few washed-up singers like Neil Young removed their music in protests of Spotify carrying Rogan’s podcast.

Johnson stood in the other corner, backing Rogan up. However, now he’s tucked tail and run, suddenly turning on his former friend and saying he no longer supports him.

Here’s why…

Why The Rock is Turning on Rogan

The controversy over Joe Rogan is taking a predictable turn. Trying to get him cancelled for having on guests like Dr. Robert Malone hasn’t worked. So, the left is trying a new tactic.

They simply dug through his old shows and strung together clips of him saying bad words. Specifically, they found various times that he’s used the N-word in the course of his show to explain or demonstrate things in context.

Then they claimed he was being racist. Everyone knows, obviously, that Rogan wasn’t being racist or actually saying the N-word in a hateful way.

However, that’s beside the point. In the imaginary world the left inhabits, once a fake outrage is started, you have only two choices:

You go along with it and pretend to be stupid and outraged…or you stand up to it and point out it’s not actually racist and you also get cancelled and called racist.

Johnson Reacts to the Latest Controversy

Now, Johnson is a smart guy, and he is ambitious! He doesn’t want to get cancelled.

So despite already standing by Rogan, saying he’s his “brother,” and declaring Rogan’s response to the controversy over his podcast has been “perfectly articulated,” Johnson now says he doesn’t back him.

The reason is simple: Rogan said the N-word a few times, and Johnson is shocked and outraged by this. The chance that Johnson is actually upset over his friend saying the N-word a few times in context while talking about racial controversies is about zero.

However, The Rock knows how to play the game. He claimed to be “100% not aware” that Rogan used the N-word and said he’s now no longer on board with the popular podcast host.

Rogan already apologized for saying the N-word. He also explained he was just trying to examine how one word has become so loaded and can be used by some people and not by others.