Dr. Jill Biden Covers for POTUS After He Loses His Bearings

Joe Biden and Jill Biden in La Crosse WI—October 12th by Barack Obama is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

President Biden and First Lady Doctor Jill Biden were in Houston recently to check in on recovery from the brutal storms that hit Texas.

It was an important trip and a chance for Biden to show off his supposed compassionate ability by comforting those who were hurting. Dr. Jill tagged along, looking more like a handler than his wife.

Biden had some issues, mixing up the names of Congresswomen from the state and asking “where am I?” while stumbling through a speech.

Compared to Trump speaking at this Sunday’s CPAC, Biden looked like an elderly patient who Governor Cuomo was forcing to stay in a dangerously infected New York nursing home.

The real “crisis moment” came during an interview with Univision, however, when Dr. Jill had to step in and bail her husband out on hard questions.

Isn’t he the President? Or are we switching it up and going with Dr.-in-Chief Jill Biden?

Dr. Jill Biden Tours NASA’s Johnson Space Center (NHQ201603020103) by NASA HQ PHOTO is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Bailing Out Joe

The Bidens got used to being pampered like VIPs during the election by their liberal media allies. It was all mushy, feel-good softball questions and never asking simple things like why Biden rarely seemed to come out of his basement or seemed like he couldn’t understand basic questions.

But now that he’s actually President, Biden is having the unfortunate realization that he might have to actually answer for the decisions he makes and the actions he does.

It was easy to slam President Trump for everything he did in office, but now that Biden’s sitting in the Oval the spotlight is on him. And he’s finding out it can shine pretty bright.

Luckily Dr. Jill is there to bail him out, like she did in the interview with Univision in Houston where the interviewer asked what’s going on with all the unaccompanied minors being held at the US border in “detention facilities” (also known as “cages” by the media during the Trump Administration).

Biden tried to give a response but it wandered and fell flat, so Dr. Jill jumped in and highlighted just how well the minors will be taken care of at the facilities and how different it will be from how things were under the Worst Person Ever Donald Trump.

Welcome to the Ritz-Carlton…Detention Facility

The Univision anchor Ilia Calderon must have been asked not to go too easy on POTUS, because he kept asking about how Biden is so different from Trump, especially now that he’s also going to be opening tent facilities to store even more immigrants at the border.

“What I can confirm is right now there’s thousands of unaccompanied children coming across the border. We’ve been able to play significant number of them in licensed facilities throughout the country, shelters throughout the country. But what happened is in Texas, they opened up one that was a former one used in the last administration. Our hope and expectation is that won’t stay open for long,” Biden said.

Biden was done yet though, he spoke about the “literally hundreds” of people doing their best to help the illegal immigrants connect to the families they came to see. Apparently Biden is unaware – or doesn’t care – that human traffickers constantly pretend that kids are theirs to get them to the border and that many of the unaccompanied kids might not have a family in the US or with them at the border.

“What we’re trying to do, and have literally hundreds of people doing now, connect them with families in this country. Get them to the families that they came to see or they are looking for. We’ve already connected thousands of them in that way. So that’s our hope is to unite these children with their families while they wait to have a hearing,” Biden said.

This wasn’t quite enough to sell it though, which is where Dr. Jill jumped in, making it sound like these kids are being guest-hosted at a five-star Ritz-Carlton resort day camp of some kind.

“And this administration is doing it in a humane way,” Dr. Jill said, adding “That’s really important, I mean we want to make sure that those children are safe, get mental health services, they get physical health services, they get education. So we are really concerned about these children.”

Why is Jill Biden answering questions for the President? We all know why. This joke has just about lost it’s punchline. We need a President, not a guy who can’t answer basic questions properly.