Dr. Fauci Just Insulted Americans In the Worst Way Possible

Dr. Anthony Fauci became known to most of us around the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. 

At first, he seemed like a harmless little man with his glasses and his whiny voice. 

He seemed smart, professional, and dedicated to stopping the awful virus. 

Then, independent journalists and patriots started digging into Fauci; they found out about his career of failure, Democrat friendships, and realized Fauci was a mole to bring down President Trump. 

Since his complete failure and constant lies on COVID, Fauci has failed upwards and is still senior medical adviser to Biden. 

His main job now is to push the vaccine. Although, even his supporters may admit that he just went too far this time. 

What Did Fauci Do Now?

Commenting on the vaccine and those who are so-called “vaccine hesitant,” Fauci let loose recently. 

He appeared on MSNBC – or MSNDNC as President Trump calls it – where he whined to liberal host Chris Hayes about people who won’t take the shot. 

According to Fauci, they’re just doing that because of politics and getting the vaccine is “not complicated.”

Saying that it’s “very frustrating” when people don’t want to get the shots, Fauci added that people who don’t want to get the vaccine should “get over it” and line up and get it. 

If they don’t?

They’re skipping out on a “highly, highly effective vaccine” and could lead to the deaths of their friends and family.

Nothing like a little bit of extreme fear and shaming to make you change your mind about a new experimental vaccine, right? 

Thanks, Fauci!

Fauci’s Divided America

Fauci has said crazy things like this before. 

As we saw in his email, he lied repeatedly about the origins of the virus. He claimed to be certain it came from a wet market, when that was unproven.

Fauci lied about mask efficacy. 

He even said at the end of last month that there will be “two Americas” between those who get the vaccine and those who don’t. 

Now he’s going on about vaccines again and getting even stranger. 

What is the deal with this strange, un-American man?

Give It a Rest, Anthony

Nobody elected Tony Fauci as president. He’s a deep state lackey who’s studied infectious diseases and versions of coronavirus for decades, yet still got supposedly caught “off guard” by this disease. 

His whining and lies have run out the last patience of patriots. 

It’s time for him to retire. 

Fauci the Fraudster

In January of 2017, Fauci already said that Trump would face a “surprise outbreak” of a serious infectious disease. 

Did he know something we didn’t?

Now he wants to push a vaccine on Americans and whine about people making their own private health decisions? 

This man is a hazard to liberty and our health.