Don Lemon Supports Segregation for the Unvaxxed

Segregation was a dark chapter in American history. People were divided by race and treated only on their outer appearance. It’s a time most of us are happy we’ve left behind.

However, CNN host Don Lemon (who’s currently fighting off sexual harassment charges) is overjoyed about segregation. He’s hoping that segregating the unvaxxed from the vaxxed can keep speeding up as much as possible.

He recently spoke about it on his program, mocking the unvaccinated and telling them no amount of their “yelling” will change that they are no longer welcome in public society.

Lemon Praises California Forcing Vax on Kids

Lemon went out of his way to praise California and its deranged leftist Governor Gavin Newsom for mandating the vaccine for students. Lemon said it’s “great” and he’s sick of the “toxicity” of unvaccinated people speaking up against the vaccine.

Considering the horrible things Lemon is accused of doing to a man in a New York City bar a few years ago, maybe he should be careful what he’s calling “toxic” here. In any case, it’s clear Lemon believes he’s morally superior; he also sees the unvaccinated as swine who don’t deserve to be in the public sphere.

Speaking of how the “vast majority” of those dying are unvaccinated, Lemon said he’s sick of hearing about people’s “feelings” on the vaccine or hearing rhetoric about liberty.

This is about saving your life and if you don’t want to save your own life, then you’re going to have to accept restrictions on what you can do and where you can go, Lemon says.

Lemon wants the unvaccinated shuttered up at home, ashamed, and cut off from everything until they give in and take the magic science juice deep in their veins. This guy is super sick.

Lemon: Don’t ‘Expect’ to Live as Normal if You’re Not Vaxxed

Lemon emphasized that the unvaxxed have no right to “expect” to live as normal if they won’t take the vaccine. They are exposing their loved ones to COVID and therefore dangerous idiots.

What Lemon failed to really explain is why, if the majority of people are vaccinated, unvaccinated people are such a danger to them? Especially now that his precious vaccines have been approved for kids, what is he so worried about?

If the unvaccinated are making a dangerous choice, then that is their choice. The vaccinated are in much less danger, he claims. Therefore, why should society shut down to protect the unvaccinated people who those like Lemon consider ignorant and stupid?

They should have to live with the consequences of their own decisions, no Don?

It Just Gets Stupider

Forcing the unvaxxed out of society won’t protect society. If people like Lemon believe the vaccine stops you from dying of COVID, then get the vaccine.

Stop forcing medical decisions on other people from an experimental treatment whose long-term effects are unknown. Simple as that.