Doctor Who Was Slandered by CNN Sues Them For $100 Million

CNN is a large network with national reach and huge distribution. Even though its ratings are terrible and half the country hates it, the network still has major propaganda power.

That’s why even though most of us would never watch the network (except to make fun of it or watch their latest lies), what they say does matter.

CNN influences Americans. CNN tells gullible Americans what is true and false. CNN has a responsibility not to harm people. It’s failed miserably on all of this.

Now, CNN is being sued by one woman who tried to save lives of people who had COVID and was slandered and insulted by CNN for her efforts.

Meet Dr. Stella Immanuel

Not all doctors worship Tony Fauci or the CDC. There are plenty who responded to COVID by trying to find actual answers. Instead of lying to Americans about masks, guilt-tripping all of us about living our lives and lying about the efficacy of treatments, these honest doctors let science speak for itself.

Dr. Stella Immanuel is one of those honest doctors. Her research discovered that HCQ – or hydroxychloroquine – is an effective treatment for those suffering from COVID. President Trump discovered the great work being done by Immanuel and sent out a tweet about it.

Trump wanted to save lives and get knowledge out to the public. In response, CNN and Anderson Cooper mocked and slandered Immanuel, lying about her work and about HCQ.

Not only did this harm her reputation and life, it possibly led to thousands of Americans dying from COVID who otherwise would not have died. Now, CNN is set to pay up big: Immanuel is suing them for $100 million.

What is the Lawsuit About?

Immanuel’s lawsuit claims that CNN made an intentional attempt to harm her reputation and put her under public anger and persecution because of her research showing the effectiveness of HCQ.

CNN said Immanuel was a nutjob conspiracy theorist and liar for her factual medical research, presenting her as an insane person who didn’t believe in science.

According to Immanuel, CNN’s actions are also “responsible” for hundreds of thousands of people who could have been saved if the information hadn’t been misrepresented on air.

Trump tweeted out Immanuel’s work where she explained that the lockdowns and masks and all of this was unnecessary with simple cures like HCQ out there.

As Immanuel says in that video, the doctors calling for lockdowns and mask mandates are “fake doctors.” They just don’t know what they’re talking about and they’re serving an awful liberal elite that wants to rule and run our lives.

CNN Also Attacked Immanuel’s Religious Beliefs

In addition to trying to destroy her reputation as a doctor, the lawsuit says that Anderson Cooper went back through her personal religious beliefs to slander her. They took several statements and things she believes out of context in order to make her seem crazy.

As for the tweet shared by Trump and his son Don Jr., it got taken down by all the big tech sites like Twitter and Facebook who said it was “misinformation.”