Disturbing Accusations Against LA Mayor Over Possible Assault Coverup

Former LA Mayor Eric Garcetti has been nominated to be the US Ambassador to India by his friend Joe Biden.

Garcetti, a leading member of the far left, was controversial while in office. Although he said he’s never supported Black Lives Matter, his city descended into chaos in 2020 and became a sprawling center of homelessness and drugs.

It’s only gotten worse since then, but Garcetti hopes to head on to better things and is looking forward to being a diplomat and eating curry.

Not so fast, say his critics, who accuse him of doing nothing to look into accusations of his former top assistant sexually assaulting an LAPD police officer.

Garcetti Responds

According to Garcetti he saw nothing happen and is not aware of any bad actions on the part of his former top aide.

Keep in mind that Garcetti was already selected by Biden almost two years ago to head to India. However, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is just getting to a vote on him in the coming week.

One of the main groups that oppose him is Whistleblower Aid led by Libby Liu. Whistleblower Aid wants to make sure Garcetti’s nomination gets shot down and that he never ends up as US ambassador to India.

‘Bitter Pill’

According to Liu, seeing Garcetti rise to the spotlight once again and be able to get this potentially prestigious position is a “bitter pill.”

She says it’s “clear” that Garcetti has no merit to represent America, especially somewhere like India, which has an especially big problem with men abusing and sexually assaulting women.

According to Liu and her supporters, a man who did nothing to hold somebody close to him accountable after an alleged sexual assault is not a man worthy of speaking on behalf of America.

Part of why this nomination has been held up so long is that Senator Chuck Grassley demanded a deeper look into Garcetti before moving to the voting stage on his appointment.

The preliminary look found he almost certainly knew that his top assistant, Rick Jacobs, was widely accused of sexual harassment of “multiple” individuals and frequently made racist and inappropriate comments.

Garcetti has certainly been controversial. Despite disavowing the violent Marxist group BLM, he has many connections to troublesome elements of the left and allowed LA to basically turn into a giant homeless camp.

India already has more than enough homeless: they don’t need advice from a guy who specializes in encouraging it.

The Bottom Line

There needs to be more of an investigation into Garcetti and what happened here. The mayor has responsibility and if he dropped the ball as LA mayor, he’s likely to do the same as ambassador to India.