Disney Doubles Down on Transgenderism Agenda with New Move

Disney doubled down on its pro-trans onslaught targeting our nation’s youth by inviting a nauseating drag queen performer to the world premiere of its rendition of “The Little Mermaid.”

Disney is a Major Force of Pro-Trans Communists

Even though its wokeness and transgenderism agenda are creating major difficulties for Disney’s business, the formerly renowned entertainment company is showing no signs of remorse, stopping, or turning course.

This only goes to suggest that Disney is no more about making money from entertainment – it is about destroying America as we know it by going totally woke.

Disney invited Nina West, a “famed” drag queen performer, to attend the Little Mermaid’s world premiere at Hollywood’s Dolby Theater, Breitbart News reported.

Nina West – whose name is Andrew Robert Levitt – was accompanied by actress Melissa McCarthy. McCarthy has the role of Ursula the Sea Witch and stated drag queens helped inspire her acting in the film.

In an Instagram post, Nina West thanked Disney for inviting him to participate in the “magical celebration.”

Utilizing Drag Queens for Aggressive Transgenderism Push

This isn’t the first time the communist corporation has been utilizing Nina West for its vicious agenda; in 2021, the drag queen appeared in Disney Plus’ LGBTQ Pride concert.

In fact, West hosted a live stream with more drag queens, plus the destruction of popular Disney songs through LGBT renditions. The report points out “drag culture” has become a “central component” of what is supposed to be “Disney’s entertainment for children.”

It is noted that back in 2021, a Disney division targeted the children of its own employees with a drag queen story event designed to “celebrate” the “gender fluidity of childhood.”

Such recent developments only come to show that if Satan and Hell have agents on Earth, then Disney is among the most eager of them.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.