Developing: Bomb Found Near Church as Police Called to Scene

In the early afternoon hours of Sunday, a pipe bomb was found placed near a Catholic Church in Holmesburg, Pennsylvania.

The bomb was discovered by an individual walking near the church, who called the police after finding the suspicious device.

The incident occurred in the Holmesburg neighborhood in northeast Philadelphia. Police responded to find a one-and-a-half-foot-long pipe bomb unexploded next to Saint Dominic’s Catholic Church.

Authorities Respond

Upon locating the pipe bomb, Philly police brought in the bomb squad to defuse the PVC-capped pipe bomb.

Traffic on nearby Frankford Avenue was shut down along the entire section near the church as crews worked to dismantle the potentially deadly device. It had been placed on a railroad track behind the church.

The bomb was successfully defused and nobody was injured or harmed.

Digging Deeper

Further specifics of this disturbing incident have not been released, but the deeper investigation has yielded some alarming details.

For one thing, churches have been under a lot of violent threats in past years, especially after the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade in June of last year.

The day before this pipe bomb was found, the second-in-charge bishop of Los Angeles David O’Connell was murdered point blank in his home after being shot to death. O’Connell was outspoken in his opposition to abortion.

Crisis pregnancy centers have also been under high threat by violent leftists trying to stop women from having the option of being counseled to alternatives to abortion at pregnancy resource centers.

In countries like Canada, the widespread burning of churches was cheered on by authoritarian leader Justin Trudeau.

He said he “sympathized” with those burning down houses of worship because he understood arsonists were angry with past abuse and mistreatment of Native Canadians.

Then, there is another thing to consider as well in this pipe bomb incident…

Was the Railroad Infrastructure Being Targeted?

This pipe bomb was found next to a railroad and it’s possible it was aimed at disrupting our infrastructure. Putting it near a church could have been a way to disguise the motive.

As any counterterrorism official will tell you, the most obvious motive isn’t always the correct one.

Putting this in context, we can also see how numerous food processing facilities and manufacturing hubs have had mysterious fires, explosions, and issues crop up in the past few months.

Most recently, the “controlled” burn of poison chemicals in East Palestine, Ohio caused enormous environmental devastation. Numerous other toxic chemical spills and incidents have occurred since that time.

Whatever the motive behind this, federal agencies like the FBI need to start doing a much better job of protecting our electrical grid, infrastructure, food processing plants, and manufacturing from criminal and potentially terroristic activity.