Devastating News for Florida and the DeSantis Family

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a champion for freedom who’s taken real action to protect his state from the Biden regime. He’s done what was necessary when everything was on the line.

In the process, he’s protected his state’s businesses, residents, and laws from incursion by the anti-American COVID regime. He’s made the vaccine widely available and also encouraged other effective treatments, like monoclonal antibodies.

Florida’s COVID deaths are down by over 90%; hospitalizations are down for COVID by over 70%. DeSantis’ approach is working. Tragically, however, he just received the worst news you can receive.

Sad News for DeSantis

DeSantis wrote a statement on Monday, publicly revealing that his wife Casey has breast cancer. The recent diagnosis is a heavy hit for the DeSantis family, including Ron and his three children. They all love Casey deeply and are shaken to the core by this diagnosis.

Casey has worked tirelessly to make life better for the people of Florida; she’s always been by Ron’s side as he works to improve the state and stand up for America.

Hearing that she now faces this huge challenge is a sobering reminder of just how fragile life is and how we should treasure it every day. While we are sure Casey will receive only the best treatment and be successful in her fight against cancer, it’s so sad to see the left celebrating this.

Usually, you can just ignore the negativity. However, for something this personal and sensitive, it’s deeply disturbing to read through online comments where liberals are making fun of DeSantis and Casey or outright wishing harm on them.

DeSantis Says His Wife is a ‘True Fighter’

Calling his wife a “true fighter,” DeSantis said she won’t surrender her fight against cancer; his prayers and those of everyone in Florida are with her. Casey used to work on TV and has also been busy improving the state, including projects to make the state a better place for working families.

She’s a wonderful woman who is well-loved by everyone who’s met her and they poured out well wishes on social media. DeSantis married Casey 11 years ago and they have three young kids who are 18-months-old, 3-years-old, and 4-years-old.

The Left Shows Its Hate-Filled Heart

Joking about how Casey should take ivermectin to treat cancer or hydroxychloroquine was a popular response from leftists. Others said they wished it had been DeSantis himself who was diagnosed with cancer.

Then, they said he doesn’t deserve any sympathy since he’s responsible for letting people in Florida die from COVID. Even though that’s a complete lie, people believe it because the liberal media has spread the lie for over a year now.

It’s sad when liberalism kills people’s basic humanity. Prayers for Casey and the DeSantis family.