Devastating News as January 6 Protester is Being Starved to Death in Jail

As the January 6 anniversary approaches, it’s time to look at what’s happening to those people whose lives were ruined on that day.

When the protests and riots spun out of control, the left began creating a narrative that conservatives were violent traitors who tried to overthrow the government.

They then used that to go after everyone who breached the Capitol; these people got tracked down in “laser-like” style, as former FBI director John Brennan put it.

The BLM and Antifa folks who burned the country down in the summer of 2020 were allowed to walk free. However, Trump supporters who took selfies in the Capitol suddenly had their faces splashed across the FBI’s top watchlists.

Many of these individuals were caught and are now languishing in jail. One of them is a man called Christopher Quaglin. His family says he’s now being starved to death.

The Quaglin Case

Quaglin has been in jail for trespassing the Capitol on January 6. He has celiac disease, which means he can’t eat gluten, but the prisons ignored that.

This is one of many disturbing allegations against security officials for those who were arrested after January 6. Many are being held without having even had their day in court yet.

They are reportedly being tortured, denied food, put in torturous isolation conditions, and heaped with psychological and political abuse by anti-Trump guards and prison staff.

A letter from various Republicans including Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene and Congressman Clay Higgins of Louisiana tried to draw attention to this, but far too many Americans are still not paying attention to what’s happening.

The Quaglin case is a good example of just how horrible things have become. He’s been unable to get nutrients, since the jail has given him food that triggers his serious disease.

Quaglin has been moved around often, which has been very hard on his health and he’s lost over 20 pounds. He was also put around guards and inmates with COVID on purpose to give him COVID, which has made him extremely sick.

Relatives Sound the Alarm

Quaglin’s relatives say if he’s not fed soon with food he can actually eat, he will probably die. Their attempts to talk to his jail have fallen on deaf ears.

The jail says Quaglin’s complaints are “fictitious” and he’s getting plenty of food he can eat and advice from a nutritionist.

The head of jails in the region previously responded to an email from a lawyer saying nothing will “change” and he’s “not intimidated” by the lawyer or his requests about “inmate Quaglin.”

The worst thing about all this is Quaglin is not an inmate. He’s detained ahead of his upcoming trial. He’s not guilty of any crime; he’s accused of a crime. However, he’s being treated like a prisoner in communist Venezuela or Cuba.