Deranged Leftist Tries to Kill Members of Canada’s Trucker Freedom Convoy

Canada’s Trucker Freedom Convoy 2022 has woken the world up. People from America to Argentina are seeing the power of the people.

These brave truckers occupied Canada’s capital city, demanding an end to COVID restrictions and vaccine mandates. Canada’s own leader Justin Trudeau has run away.

The future of freedom hangs in the balance. Meanwhile, the left is furious. Trudeau himself accused the truckers of everything under the sun, claiming they are racist fascists and violent insurgents.

Now, his far-left army is taking up the torch of Trudeau’s violent incitement and hate speech, resulting in a recent attempted mass murder.

Far Left Extremist Does ISIS-Style Attack on Freedom Truckers

On Friday night, a group of Canadians were rallying in the streets of Winnipeg, Manitoba in support of the trucker convoy. These folks were braving the cold temperatures and snowy conditions to show their support for the truckers who are standing up against COVID tyranny.

At this point, a white SUV accelerates intentionally into the crowd, mowing people down and mangling one individual, before going on to hit three other individuals who didn’t get out of the way in time.

The driver fled the scene and tried to get away from police, but was soon arrested after trying to resist authorities. He has now been identified as a punk rock singer and far-left extremist called Dave Zegarac.

Will Zegarac Be Charged With a Hate Crime?

Zegarac has been charged with trying to do a hit and run, but has not yet been hit with any hate crime. If it can be proved that his ramming attack was politically motivated, then a hate crime should be incoming.

The 43-year-old singer of the “Black Mass Brigade” and “Brat Attack” punk bands is a dedicated anarchist who is obsessed with racial issues. He also claims to be partially Native Canadian (Indian).

The police say they can’t yet comment on the possible motivations for Zegarac’s savage attack which hurt four people. Thankfully, none were seriously injured. However, it’s clear to anyone looking at it that he was motivated by political hate.

Talking to cops, Zegarac made some bizarre statements that didn’t really make sense. Other punk rock groups say he did inappropriate things with underage girls; everyone in the city’s punk and progressive scene hates him.

Yet, it’s hard to know how much of that is just these other leftists trying to cover their behinds so they won’t be lumped in with this leftist terrorist.

Zegarac’s Hate-Filled Ideology

One clue about this psychopath’s ideology can be found in his music.

In one Brat Attack song, which is against former Canadian conservative leader Stephen Harper, Zegarac slams Harper for not supporting abortion and wishes death on him.

In another song, he says it’s the duty of leftists to “fight” against anyone who doesn’t agree with them.