Denzel Washington Has a Message for Race-Obsessed Liberals

Denzel Washington is one of the best actors of all time. He’s lit up the silver screen in a way that almost nobody else in history ever has; he’s done this with charisma, tragedy, humor, and fascinating characters.

Recently, Washington made headlines for speaking out against the anti-Christian bias in Hollywood. He’s not impressed with woke politics and the far left’s posturing; also, he’s let the media know.

Furthermore, he’s taking a turn in acting toward different types of roles, such as his recent film The Tragedy of Macbeth. This is based on Shakespeare and features Washington as the main role.

However, Washington’s latest comments are going to really set the liberal media’s hair on fire because he just told them the last thing they want to hear.

Washington Destroys Liberal Lies

Washington isn’t one to comment on politics or get involved in silly controversies. He’s a talented actor and a principled, Christian man. However, when he sees liberals playing games, he calls them out.

The latest example comes from his Macbeth film, where he was asked by the liberal media how he feels about the film being so “diverse.”

Washington told them the last thing they want to hear. He told them he doesn’t care. In fact, he said it’s kind of tiring to keep talking about non-white people as bringing “diversity.”

Washington’s making a really good point here. Shouldn’t actors be recognized for being talented and doing a great job in a film, rather than for having a certain skin tone? Isn’t it just a little bit racist to praise someone for being a minority, rather than recognizing their work itself?

Well yes, yes it is. Washington called these suckers out on it. He said sure it’s “great” the film is diverse, but it’s really not the point of the film or the important thing about it.

He’s absolutely right.

Washington for the Win

As I said, Washington has expressed support for Christianity, police, and our military. He’s made it clear the left’s obsession with tearing down our country and its heroes finds no traction with him.

His comments on diversity are also exactly on point. The media’s weird “diversity” obsession has been creeping up for a long time now.

It’s extremely insulting to minorities and to everyone. We can all see the game the Democrats and the left are playing to pretend to care about minorities; we are not impressed!

Remember how the liberal press lavished attention on Obama for years and claimed him not being white made him an incredible hero and perfect POTUS? Ridiculous, insulting nonsense!

As Martin Luther King Jr. said, people should be judged by who they are, not how they look. Apparently, liberals have forgotten that message.