Democrats Turn on Senator Joe Manchin as He Stands Up to Their Extreme Agenda

Senator Joe Manchin (WV) by Third Way is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

In any extreme cult, there is someone who is hated even more than outsiders and critics.

That is a member who agrees with part of the agenda, but not 100%.

They’re hated more than anyone because they show the world that even “believers” can notice what’s wrong when a group becomes too extreme and too deranged. 

The political equivalent is Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia. 

Yes, he’s a Democrat. Yes, he’s a liberal…but no, he’s not an extreme left-winger or an ideological lunatic who’s willing to torch America for political leverage. 

That makes him the latest enemy of the Democrats; this is especially true since Manchin turned against their bizarrely partisan For the People Act and told them it’s a bridge too far. 

Inside Politics Press Breakfast – April 2013 featuring Sen. Joe Manchin III by Third Way is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

What is the For the People Act?

The For the People Act is the opposite of its name. It’s a bill for the Democrat Party to get people upset and mess with the voting system under the justification of protecting it. 

The bill claims to fix all sorts of “voter suppression” issues but in reality, opens up voting to increased fraud such as we saw in 2020. 

Manchin said no thanks, noting that it will ruin the currently “weakening binds” of American democracy.

He’s correct. 

The Democrats have been trying their best to get Manchin onboard their whining bill designed to open the floodgates of fraudulent voting; however, Manchin said he’s not into something that’s so one-sided along partisan lines. 

The bill will likely hit the Senate by the end of this month and will open up mail-in voting and public financing. 

“I think it would divide us further,” Manchin explained of his opposition. 

Democrats Start Name-Calling Manchin 

Congressman Jamaal Bowman of New York typifies the Democrat response when one of their own doesn’t toe the party line. 

He called Manchin “the new Mitch McConnell.” Then, Bowman said Manchin’s a traitor for not supporting the bill, refusing to back down, and for supporting the legislative filibuster. 

This isn’t surprising. It’s what any schoolyard bully does when they get stood up to. They start name-calling and resorting to childish intimidation and exclusion tactics. 

Manchin is right, though. Why should he be willing to tear down the structure of this democracy just so that his anti-American party can feel better about their grip on power? 

The truth is that the Democrats wouldn’t be worried about the For the People Act passing or anything else if they had a firm grasp on power. However, Biden is doing an awful job; border communities like McAllen in Texas are flipping to the GOP and it’s obvious that even with all their tricks, the Democrats are on the way out the door.