The Democrats are Sinking Fast in Rural America

This country is supposed to be the United States of America, but it’s no secret we’ve become more and more divided. It’s not just political; the division can be seen in every way.

It’s only worsened since Joe Biden occupied the White House.

On the ground level, folks in many red states and rural areas of blue states are just plain done with Democrats. They don’t like them and they barely tolerate them.

A recent report out of Townhall talks about how Democrats living outside of their progressive bubbles in the city feel increasingly unwelcome and even in danger among red-blooded MAGA Americans in the country.

Small town America and real America doesn’t want to be flooded with leftists and leftist influence; it’s about as simple as that.

The Growing Divide: Patriots vs. Progressives

As we saw during Hillary Clinton’s humiliating loss in 2016, the Democrat Party abandoned the Rust Belt and working class people. They have become a party of the coastal elites and Prius-driving white collar workers who live in urban enclaves and gated communities.

Less and less real Americans actually vote for Democrats. They’re the party of special interests, corrupt donors, suburban suckers, and urban folks who never voted for anyone else and would be bullied if they did.

Drive through rural Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, Ohio or Michigan and tell me how many Joe Biden and COEXIST stickers you see. It won’t be a lot. It will probably be none.

It’s well known that southern states like Alabama or Mississippi are deep red, but the dislike of Democrats is not just a red state-blue state thing anymore. It’s increasingly about country vs. city.

While you may find plenty of leftist things in Philadelphia, drive out of the city for an hour and it’s all Trump country.

Democrats in rural Pennsylvania say they are even taking stickers off their cars and hiding that they’re Democrats from their neighbors because it is so unwelcome in those smaller towns.

Midterm Meltdown on the Way

The truth is the Democrats are headed for an epic midterms meltdown. They are hated in huge areas of the United States and can mainly only win in large cities and very limited amounts of semi-urban areas.

Barack Obama took 875 US counties in his 2008 win, but in 2020, Biden took only 527. Country folks despise the left. Of the counties that Biden lost compared to Obama, the vast majority were in rural areas.

This is especially true in Rust Belt states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, as well as states such as Minnesota, and Iowa.

The Bottom Line

Democrats aren’t wanted in the real America, because the Democrat Party no longer loves America. It’s that simple.

The left is headed for a massive loss in the upcoming midterms and a big part of it is Americans living in small towns and the country have lost all respect for the Democrat Party.