Democrats Losing Support of Their Key Voters Before Midterms

Traditional Democratic voters are no longer interested in the Democrat Party, amid the poor economic outlook of the country.

Most often, Asians, Hispanics, and black voters side with Democrats; however, Biden’s inability to serve them encouraged these groups to look for alternate options ahead of the crucial midterm elections.

Dems’ Midterm Hopes Shattering

According to recently conducted Zogby polls, Hispanics, Asians, and black voters will not vote for Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections.

One of the most important reasons for the diminishing support of these groups includes the deteriorating economy of the country, which has burdened almost every American.

Jonathan Zogby, the pollster who oversaw these polls, noted all of these three groups voted overwhelmingly for Democrats in the past. This means the party will not only struggle to retain Congress this year, but also the White House in 2024.

After seeing the diminishing support of traditionally strong Democratic groups, Biden can also be forced not to run for the second term in the 2024 election, Zogby added.

The latest statistics suggest only 57.5% of black voters support Biden, which is drastically low compared to the last survey when almost 75% of black people sided with him.

The disapproval ratings of Biden are also rising among black voters. In May’s polls, 22% of black voters disapproved of Biden’s presidency, while almost 32% did this time around.

Likewise, Hispanic voters are also not interested in the Democrat Party and Biden anymore. Almost 55% of Hispanics claim the country is heading in the wrong direction, while only 33% believe Biden is leading America in a good way.

In addition to that, nearly 59% of Hispanic voters claim the economic situation of the country is deteriorating under Biden’s presidency, per the polls.

Furthermore, 58% of Asian Americans suggested Biden is pushing the economy in the wrong direction.

No Voter Group is Satisfied with Biden’s Presidency

These latest poll numbers are a major setback for Democrats, who were already struggling to keep their voters intact.

Previous polls have even established young voters are moving away from Biden as they were unable to find good jobs amid the looming economic recession.

In order to bring them back to Democrats, Biden announced a massive student loan forgiveness drive, which is expected to increase burdens on the average American taxpayer.

Apart from the poor economic outlook of the country, political insiders claim Democrats’ inability to regulate guns and introduce so-called racial justice schemes are repelling people of color from them.

Zogby further added the president’s party normally loses control of Congress in the first midterm elections, which is urging Biden to start an aggressive campaign against Republicans.

Zogby continued that this anti-GOP drive will not be able to save Biden from a red wave in November, since much bigger issues will be on the ballot this time.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.