Democrats Emptying Out Prisons, Allowing Violent Psychopaths Onto the Streets

As a murder wave drowns blue state cities and terrifies Americans, some people are beginning to wake up. They’re looking around and realizing none of this is random.

For one thing, COVID lockdowns and inflation have driven people crazy and increased gang and drug violence.

Even more importantly, however, leftist policies like “defund the police” and zero bail, light punishments, and criminal justice “reform” let violent criminals flood out onto our streets.

While Trump supporters sit in jail for breaching the Capitol on January 6, we have hardcore gang members and animal predators out destroying society with a stamp of approval from the left.

Our Jails are Emptying Out

When the terrorist group ISIS was seizing lots of territory in Syria, they did something many extremist groups and revolutionaries do: they emptied out the government’s prisons and let violent criminals free.

There are two main reasons for this strategy. On the one hand, it increases disorder and chaos, weakening the government’s ability to keep control over their territory.

Secondly, it gins up an army of hardened criminals who now back you because you let them out of jail. Similarly, far too many of our progressive politicians quite simply hate America.

They sympathize with criminals and believe they are victims of an unjust legal system. They want them let out and given endless second chances.

A secondary benefit? They know these criminals will most likely side with the leftists who opened up the bars and set them free.

The problem is the rest of us have to pay the price of having more and more psychopaths strolling among us in our streets. If you want proof, look at the fact the number of people in prison in America has dropped by 28% since 2010.

We have the lowest rate of people in jail in three decades. Does anyone reading this truly believe it’s because way fewer people are committing crimes these days?

Which States Have the Emptiest Jails?

The emptiest jails in America are all in blue states. First place goes to New Jersey, which has seen a 30% decline in its amount of prisoners in the past year. Its crime rate is meanwhile out of control.

New York has its lowest prison rates in four decades and California has its lowest in three decades. These aren’t shoplifters we’re talking about.

Those convicted of serious and violent crimes, like robbery, carjacking, assault, domestic abuse, murder, and rape, are getting out of jail early and flooding back into our societies.

As blue states claim to care about diversity and compassion, they let out violent criminals who re-offend in most cases and turn our blue states into the situation we see today.

When you refuse to enforce the law, you end up in chaos. That’s just the plain facts, no matter whether it makes the left feel nice or not.

The Democrats celebrate political prosecution of Trump supporters while letting real criminals swarm us? That’s just not something any of us are going to put up with anymore.