Democrat Crackpots Try to Exclude Marjorie Taylor Greene From Running for Congress

The Democrats are still obsessed with the events of January 6, 2021 and they’re still trying to get revenge on anyone they blame for it.

The basic idea is connected to the four-year crusade waged by the far left against President Trump and his close allies in Congress.

The America First movement, which has arisen around people like Madison Cawthorn, Josh Hawley, and Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG), has been the number one target of people like RINO Liz Cheney and her compatriots.

On the state level, this filtered down to efforts to get people kicked out of their race.

The latest target is MTG, who Democrat lawyers are trying to get disqualified from running in the upcoming midterms. Though it’s not going how Democrats and their RINO allies hope.

Kicked Off Congress For Liking a Movie?

MTG is being pursued by this latest liberal crusade for referencing the film Independence Day and using the term 1776. The year America won its freedom and the Declaration of Independence was signed are apparently now treasonous things to reference.

The leftist effort is simple: they want MTG kicked off the ballot in Georgia and sent out of American political life. That’s already been tried by Congress and failed, but it won’t stop these two-bit Democrat operatives from having a go as well.

At one point, the liberal lawyer asks MTG if she believes in QAnon and she quickly shuts him down, noting she does not. So much for that line of questioning. It’s almost like everything he’s been told on CNN wasn’t completely true.

The Democrats are not doing this in good faith, anyway. This has zero to do with protecting “democracy” or “norms.” This is about eliminating a competitor.

For all her gaffes and funny statements, MTG has proven to be a fearless America First conservative who’s humiliated the left on multiple occasions and never backed down from their vicious smears.

Every Day is 1776

The people trying to get MTG kicked out of political life are trying to say her use of 1776 shows she wanted to overthrow the US government. She pointed out 1776 is literally on the state flag of Georgia.

MTG followed up her defense of 1776 by sharing a tweet in which she noted that “every day is 1776.”

She’s right. Freedom never stops coming at a price and it’s something we can never take for granted. Democrats claim to support it, while doing everything they can to take away our freedom for good.

Their bizarre crusade against MTG is just the latest in a long line of examples.

The Bottom Line

A massive red wave is coming and no amount of leftist tomfoolery can stop it. The harder they try with these bizarre tricks, the weaker and more desperate they look.