Deadly Virus Resurfaces in New York as Doctors Enter Panic Mode

The polio virus is a deadly disease that can paralyze people and kill them. It’s been almost completely gone from America for many decades, due to successful mass vaccination.

Now, frighteningly, it appears to have returned as a threat to the public, appearing in sewage water tests in New York City.

According to city health officials, polio is likely in the water in the city and may be caught in those who aren’t vaccinated.

Just several weeks ago, a male adult near New York City was paralyzed after catching polio.

Warning: Polio on the Loose!

According to NYC health authorities, there are likely “hundreds” of polio infections in the city that are currently undiagnosed and could lead to serious illness or paralysis.

The man in Rockland County who was paralyzed is apparently just the very first sign of a wider outbreak according to authorities.

Many people who get polio actually experience no symptoms or very mild symptoms; only about 1% actually get paralyzed, which is part of why city authorities think there may be many more undetected cases.

This could mean thousands of people have polio right now in the New York City metro area and most don’t know it. A number of them could end up paralyzed in the near future.

Polio is No Joke

When polio was raging in the United States in the early 1950s, thousands of people a year were paralyzed, specifically, about 15,000 per year. That’s a lot of people losing the ability to walk and live a healthy life!

The creation of the vaccine in the mid-1950s was like a miracle and saved many people to have a healthy and fulfilling life.

The polio vaccine isn’t like the supposed COVID “vaccines.” In other words, it does what it says and stops polio; it doesn’t cause heart attacks and thrombosis.

The polio vaccine worked so well, in fact, that it led to polio being announced as completely gone by 1979.

Since then, there have only been a few cases of polio each year in America. Specifically, there have been only 162 polio cases from 1980 to 1999, and 95% of these were rare side effects of the polio vaccine.

Now, we’re potentially looking at thousands just in the New York City area. It’s crucial to get vaccinated and protect yourself from this virus.

The Bottom Line

Liberals are now saying this outbreak is due to vaccine skepticism in general, which is a bizarre argument. Many of those who have refused the COVID “vaccines” are fully vaccinated against other illnesses.

They simply listened to experts, like mRNA researcher Dr. Robert Malone and others, who warned about the inefficacy and unknown aspects of COVID immunizations. Then, they exercised their right not to take the shots.

The return of polio is definitely scary, but blaming it on COVID vaccine skeptics is a very far reach.