Deadly Attack at US Capitol

There has been a deadly attack at the entrance to the US Capitol in Washington, DC.

On Saturday night, August 13, a completely out-of-control man took his car and headed for the Capitol building.

The man’s vehicle crossed the second barricade before bursting into flames after he lit it on fire. He then stepped out of the car and pulled out a firearm.

Man Pulls Gun

Soon after his car lit on fire, the attacker drew a gun and started shooting everywhere. Thankfully no one was hit, but the man shot himself and died at the scene.

PBS reporter Lisa Desjardins described the whole incident in which the man set fire to his car before he crossed the second barricade on East Capitol Street.

According to Desjardins, Capitol police have not yet said what the motive was for the attack. In addition, we still don’t have accurate information on the man’s identity.

Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota put out a statement of thanks on her Twitter, saying she was grateful for Capitol police officers who risk their lives daily to protect everyone who works there.

Klobuchar also recalled the fateful 2021 case in which Billy Evans, a Capitol police officer, died at one of the barricades while trying to protect the workplace.

A History of Attacks on the Capitol

It is important to remember this attack is just one of many others the Capitol has suffered in all years, even before its existence.

In 1814, the Capitol was still being built when it was invaded and burned down by British troops from Canada.

On January 30, 1835, there was an assassination attempt on President Andrew Jackson. That day, a congressman was being sworn in at the Capitol and the bombing was shortly after the event as Jackson left the House of Governors.

Fortunately, Richard Lawrense, a young British immigrant, was unsuccessful in his attempt. One shot failed and another he missed the target. This was the first attempt to murder a U.S. president.

In 1915, while everyone was partying for Independence Day, Eric Muenter, a Harvard professor, stormed the Capitol and blew up three bombs inside the reception.

In 1954, four Puerto Ricans broke into the Chamber of Deputies and randomly shot five deputies.

More Dangerous Attacks

In 1971, a bomb was placed in the Senators’ Chamber by a far-left group, the Weather Underground. The bomb went off and caused a lot of material damage, but it didn’t hurt anyone.

Then, in 1983, another bomb was placed in the Chamber of Senators, this time by an armed resistance unit group. The bomb also went off, but there were no injuries.

In 1998, the Capitol was raided. There were multiple gunshots fired by a man who killed one police officer and injured another. Detective John Gibson died at the scene and was the first police officer to have a funeral in the main hall of the Capitol.

In 2001, after the attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, a fourth aircraft intended to make its way to the Capitol.

Though it was stopped, thanks to the bravery of the crew and passengers like Todd Beemer. He heroically prevented the terrorists from the attack. The plane crashed in rural Pennsylvania, instead.

In 2016, when entering the visitors center, a man pointed a toy gun at the police officers who were there. The man was shot twice, taken to the hospital, and arrested.

Then, of course, on January 6, 2021, many protesters entered the Capitol.