DC Comics Goes Full Pervert, Changes Superman’s Son’s Sexual Orientation

Comic books matter for a number of reasons. For one, they reflect and help shape popular culture, especially for kids. Secondly, they’ve become increasingly popular with the growth of spinoff action movies enjoyed by adults and kids alike.

The main point of superhero comics is to fight against bad guys and help the world. However, in the last few years, they’ve also become very focused on who superheroes kiss and sleep with.

For some reason, that is now a big interest of comic book publishers. The latest to fall victim to the woke-washing is Superman, with DC Comics announcing Superman’s son Jon Kent is now into guys.

So Superman is Now Gay?

According to DC Comics, Superman’s son Jon actually now bats for both teams. In other words, he’s bisexual, which means he’s attracted to men and women. Maybe he’ll end up with Captain America, who is also now attracted to men.

Former Superman actor Dean Cain slammed DC for doing this, saying they’re just jumping on the “bandwagon” to get publicity and it’s not “brave” or interesting. If I may suggest another theory, I don’t think this is just about getting publicity.

It’s about advancing the LGBT agenda and the ideology of the artistic types who work at comic companies and similar places. They want “representation” and promotion of different lifestyles, and they want to normalize it for kids.

It’s not only a changing of Superman’s sexual orientation; it’s the increasing focus on sex and sexual attraction in the comics. Why does this have to be such a focus in comic books for kids and young teens in the first place?

Woke Storyline Makes a Mockery of Superheroes

Along with being bisexual now, the new Superman is no longer content to fight standard bad guys. He battles climate change and helps refugees, while dating someone who hacks computers for social justice causes.

Unlike his boring old dad, Jon is a crusader for social justice and minorities. He cares about politics and he’s sensitive about hurt feelings. Everyone must believe what he does or else they are evil.

In other words, he’s a leftist. At only 17-years-old, readers get to see Jon explore his sexuality and bisexual identity while fighting to spread liberalism. It sometimes feels like we’re living in a bad comedy.

What’s It All Mean?

This is all just the radical left trying to confuse and indoctrinate kids. It has nothing to do with tolerance or respecting people of different sexual orientations.

In the movies, in music, in comics, and in the education system, we see these ideas constantly pushed that being a straight white person is stupid, bad, and boring. The hatred of the left is starting to get so old.

Time to go leaf through some old Superman comics before the writers became insane.