Daily Wire Conservative Site Launches New Kids Channel

The ongoing scandal in Florida has been very disturbing to see.

The left is furious at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for passing a bill that stops children grade three and under from being taught to question their gender.

They are even falsely calling it the “Don’t Say Gay” bill; although that’s not what it is at all. One of the angriest groups is the Walt Disney Company, which was recently exposed for intentionally putting transgender propaganda in its cartoons.

Now one conservative company is fighting back and creating non-woke children’s content with the launch of a new streaming channel.

Daily Wire Kids

Daily Wire is most well-known for being a conservative news and commentary website run by Ben Shapiro. Although, in recent years, it has also been branching out into entertainment and building an alternative platform for normal Americans.

Not everyone wants to watch Disney or Netflix content full of extreme ideological content and left-wing messaging about sexuality, drugs, politics, and family. Some people just want to watch a good show or movie that doesn’t shove strange beliefs in your face.

That’s the motivation behind the Daily Wire’s new kids channel, which will be available in the beginning of next year.

The announcement was made by Daily Wire’s second CEO Jeremy Boreing, who noted $100 million will be put into a great kids channel full of animated content and shows.

Boreing said Americans are getting “tired” of paying for services that hate this country and want to force woke ideology on them with strange racial and gender obsessions. He’s correct.

What Will Be on the New Channel?

Daily Wire kids won’t launch until early next year, as Boreing noted, but it looks promising. It has two high-up creators from the Babylon Bee and Veggie Tales who will bring a more pro-Christian and pro-family angle to programming.

We’ll have to wait to see what they put out, but there’s definitely no shortage of talent and creativity on the right. This is exactly the kind of thing that patriotic and normal Americans should be doing:

Instead of just complaining or trying to cancel content they disagree with, they should be building alternatives. That’s part of why this is such an exciting announcement from the Daily Wire.

Another reason is they have a track record of success, recently launching Jeremy’s Razors to humiliate Harry’s Razors for pulling ads from the Daily Wire and throwing a woke fit. Jeremy’s Razors venture is doing amazingly well.

So is the Daily Wire’s film department, which has already put out three full length movies and hired on cancelled actress Gina Carano.

The Bottom Line

Building an alternative to Hollywood, Disney, and the woke psychopaths who want to brainwash our kids is an excellent idea. This is how we win.