Dad and His Son Charged in Hawaii for Traveling on Fake Vax Cards

A father and son were trying to travel from one Hawaiian island to another when they were caught using fake vaccine cards. The Attorney General of Hawaii says the dad and his son were trying to get around the rules for Hawaii’s “Safe Travels” policies.

The names of this dad and his son are Norbert Chung and Trevor Chung. They were arrested after arriving at Daniel K. Inouye Airport in Honolulu on Hawaii’s main island of Oahu; this happened once authorities discovered the cards were fake.

How Did They Get Caught?

The two men were reported by someone who called in an anonymous tip. It’s unclear exactly how they knew, but possible that the dad and son told someone else about their use of fake cards or tried to contact the wrong person to buy them.

If you make a fake vaccine card, you can end up in jail for up to five years; although general penalties are more in the range of a $5,000 penalty or up to one year behind bars.

The Chungs are being used as an example by the Hawaii’s AG office who wants to “ensure” all leads to catch fake vax card people are followed up on. The AG thanked “the community” for calling in the tip that led to the arrest of this dad and his son.

Hawaii Threatens Anyone Who Breaks the ‘Safe Travels’ Rules

Hawaii’s AG went on, noting that they’ll “investigate and prosecute” anyone who tries to get around the Safe Travel rules of the state. The purchase or use of fake vaccine cards – as well as selling them – can land you in jail up to five years; although as I noted, most states have closer to one year in jail or $5,000 fine.

The Chungs got unlucky by being busted for using fake vaccine cards, but they’re far from alone. Numerous shipments of fake COVID cards have been found, including a recent big batch from China that was stopped in Memphis.

Clearly there is a market for these cards.

Why Don’t People Just Get the Vaccine?

Vaccine cards make travel easier, which begs the question: why people don’t just get the actual vaccine? Obviously millions have.

Those who still don’t are motivated by many reasons. The two main reasons are that the vaccines are not showing a high amount of efficacy at all. Millions are still catching and spreading COVID, despite being vaccinated.

The second reason is the vaccines have had a huge amount of negative side effects and deaths and the long-term effects are literally unknown. While people who believe the news tell you the vaccines are perfectly safe, we just don’t know that yet.

Yet, once they receive full approval from the FDA, look for vaccines to be pushed even harder by many private businesses and government organizations.