Critical Race Theory Kingpin’s Shocking Crusade Against Conservatives

Ibram X. Kendi is the kingpin of critical race theory. He’s a professor at Boston University and a leading black academic on the left.

Kendi is a smart guy, but he’s also maliciously wrong and ill-intentioned. He uses his intelligence to push the lie that America is fundamentally racist and hates people of color.

It’s just not true, and Kendi knows it.

Yet, he keeps up this constant crusade because it makes him money and gets him fame. It also gets him space and a voice in the most prominent media outlets in the country, such as the ultra-liberal Atlantic magazine.

Kendi recently sounded off in this liberal ivory tower, giving his opinion on Republicans and the conservative movement.

Kendi Accuses GOP of Being Deeply White Supremacist

In an article for the Atlantic, Kendi said the Republican Party is fully white supremacist and doesn’t actually care about any real issues going on in America. This includes critical race theory and parents who are concerned about it.

Kendi declared parents worried about CRT being taught in school are just being taken advantage of by the GOP, who doesn’t actually care about their concerns and just wants to use the issue to spread a white supremacist vision.

According to Kendi, the GOP wants to seem like the “party of parents,” but it’s a total lie.

If they actually cared about kids, even white kids, Kendi says the GOP would be trying to protect them from being groomed to become white supremacists in school.

Yes, he actually wrote that nonsense in a national, wealthy magazine. You can bet your bottom dollar that rich white liberal wine moms living in the suburbs loved reading that, too.

The Problem With Kendi’s Argument

The primary problem with Kendi’s argument is it’s completely false. The Democrat Party is actually the party built on white supremacy. Deep ties of eugenics and anti-black hate run through the American progressive movement, as well.

The Republican Party, by contrast, started as the party of freedom and is all about giving everyone the tools they need to reach their full potential.

Furthermore, Kendi’s argument contradicts itself. Taking a look at this genius professor’s words, an obvious issue comes up.

What do white supremacists care about: white people and their success and wellbeing. If the GOP were white supremacists, why would they be faking caring about white kids? It makes no sense.

Furthermore, Kendi’s bizarre lashing out at conservatives for being against child grooming from Disney and leftist politicians is especially hypocritical.

Several years ago, before his huge book contracts came out, Kendi was caught on camera admitting the childhood transgenderism agenda really freaks him out and is revolting.

Now, he wants to pretend it’s no big deal and conservatives are just imagining the weird perverts coming after their kids to talk about sexuality? We see you, Kendi.