Crazed Liberal Teacher Assaults Students to Force Them to Wear Masks

The left loves their masks. They love them so much that they can’t shut up about masks and make laws forcing us to wear them. Unfortunately, this extends to the most vulnerable among us: our children.

As kids return to school, horror stories are already emerging of insane behavior from pro-mask teachers who want all kids to wear masks at all times. This story comes out of Las Vegas, where a COVID-obsessed substitute teacher went way too far.

What Happened?

Reedom Elementary School is located in Mountain’s Edge, Nevada. Mountain’s Edge is a suburb of Las Vegas and doesn’t have particularly high COVID rates; however, one local substitute teacher decided to take the whole mask thing way too far.

During class in fourth grade, a nine-year-old boy wasn’t putting his mask on. The teacher became extremely angry with him, went and taped a mask to his face. Other kids who wouldn’t wear their masks also had this psychotic leftist tape masks on their faces.

The child abuse has left the young boy’s mom feeling violated and furious about this teacher’s actions. What makes it even worse is that he only had his mask off because he’d gone to the water fountain.

The student had only forgotten to grab his mask again and put it on when he came back to class; that wasn’t good enough for the insane liberal substitute, though, who humiliated him in front of the class.

A Massive Violation of Student Rights

The young boy wasn’t asked by the substitute to find his mask again and put it on, nor was he asked to go speak to the principal. Instead, this substitute psycho forced him to come up in front of the entire class and then wrapped tape around his mask and head.

She then put more tape on over his head as well, just to embarrass the small kid even more. The teacher also did this to another student who wasn’t wearing their mask properly.

To say she should lose her job is an understatement. This substitute needs to be prosecuted, as do any teachers who physically manhandle students.

What Happens Next?

The boy’s school said it’s looking into what happens and calls it an “isolated incident.” It says the substitute will receive “proper” punishment for what happened, so we can at least hope this psychopath will never work again in a school (or anywhere for that matter).

The current situation with masks is just insane. Cloth masks do almost nothing to stop the virus and the vaccine doesn’t stop it either. Yet, we hear liberals obsessively judging everyone who questions their unscientific views.

The message from every patriot and common sense person in America needs to be exactly the same: back off and leave our kids the hell alone.