Crazed Leftist Attacks Comedian Dave Chappelle at Show

Comedian Dave Chappelle has been in the news a lot in the past few months. The main reason is a show he did on Netflix called “The Closer” caused a big scandal.

The reason was that Chappelle made a few jokes about transgender people. This is a sensitive topic for some, but Chappelle has made a name of not caring about being politically correct and of speaking his mind.

His set also said offensive things about many other identity categories and subjects.

Though the fake news liberal media wasn’t satisfied, and led a crusade against Chappelle, highlighting how many employees of Netflix were even planning to walk out in protest if the show wasn’t cancelled.

It wasn’t cancelled, but the toxic hate of the liberal media kept spreading. It’s now resulted in a physical attack on Chappelle.

Chappelle Attacked at Show

While doing a standup set in LA, Chappelle was tackled and attacked by a knife-wielding man. Video of the incident shows the individual hit him quite hard and was carrying some kind of imitation pistol that also folds out into a knife.

He was trying to stab and kill Chappelle from the look of things, but was too incompetent to do any damage. Chappelle got away quickly from the attacker and Chappelle’s security guards then beat the crap out of the attacker.

The suspect has been identified as Isaiah Lee, 23, who has now been charged with attacking Chappelle with a weapon.

Police are investigating what led to the attack. After it, Chappelle joked that it had been a “trans man” who attacked him, although it’s not clear if that is based in truth or was just humor.

What we all know for certain is that the liberal media helped incite this violence and directly encouraged people to hate and persecute Dave Chappelle for not being a full progressive by the standards of 2022.

The Truth About Chappelle

The truth is Chappelle has trans friends and doesn’t “hate” trans people at all.

He simply doesn’t agree with the concept of being trans or consider it accurate overall. Yet, he’s never once encouraged violence against LGBT people or any people.

He’s simply told jokes and shared his opinion on controversial issues, which is what comedians are supposed to do!

Of course, we have seen many comedians stop doing tours or standup, including Jerry Seinfeld, because they say people have simply become too over-sensitive and politically correct.

The truth about Chappelle is liberals are trying to force him to shut up about things that offend them because they don’t support free speech and they don’t like humor.

The Bottom Line

Keep telling those jokes, Dave. Make sure you have good metal detectors at your shows. There are clearly some very deranged and violent people out there.