COVID Lockdown Nightmare Unfolding in China

Communist China is a dangerous and dystopian place.

Not only are they engaged in ongoing enslavement and mass killing of their minority, Uyghur population, but China is also locking down entire cities, due to COVID.

After unleashing COVID on the world and silencing its own scientists who spoke out, China’s Communist government has been on a mission to say that it got rid of COVID.

However, it didn’t. Now that a variant of the disease is making a comeback in the city of Shanghai, the communist regime is going to extreme lengths to stamp it out.

China’s Crazed COVID Crackdown

Shanghai is a city whose urban area and suburban neighboring towns add up to 41 million people. It’s a massive place full of millions of people.

Now that COVID is making a new breakout in China, its health authorities and government are unleashing their full totalitarian force. They’re seizing people’s apartments as quarantine facilities and forcing people into camps.

This is basically an endless lockdown with a goal of getting COVID to zero, but it also makes no sense. Officials are forcing COVID-positive people into apartments and business centers downtown.

Presumably, this is due to overcrowding in hospitals and running out of space to get people to camps, but the scenes that are emerging from Shanghai are very disturbing.

Police dressed in viral gear beat and harass anyone who resists and force them to comply with the new strict quarantine orders.

Where is Basic Logic?

This is more extreme than the lockdowns we saw here in the United States and most Western nations, with the exception of Australia and France. Nonetheless, it brings up the same gap in basic logic.

If you’re sick, why not stay home? If you’re immune-compromised, why not stay home?

Why apply lockdowns to the entire population when you could solve the infection risk by simply requiring any COVID-positive, COVID-suspected, or immune-compromised person to remain fully at home?

These lockdowns make no sense. They’re spreading throughout China, affecting almost all of its one hundred biggest cities. Shenzhen and Guangzhou are also in strict lockdowns and it’s only spreading.

Trying to get COVID to zero is also going to undo the economic gains that China had after the start of the pandemic when it started reopening its economy early.

About half of China’s most economically important cities are now full of tension and lockdowns as people are unsure what’s happening next.

The Bottom Line

If China keeps on locking people down, then inflation could get even worse.

They have only 29,000 COVID positive results and most are in Shanghai. Though, now the communists are locking down citizens in a way that’s going to wreck the world economy once again.