Country Singer Drops New Song That Has the Left Literally Shaking

Country singer Aaron Lewis has a new song that’s getting huge attention among fans for its powerful message. 

“Am I the Only One?” is a song for those who are constantly told that they’re too conservative, too patriotic, and too traditional by our liberal media and left-wing politicians. 

The song has an explicit and censored version; it focuses on how the radical left is seeking to destroy pride in America, gaslight, and isolate patriots so that they will feel depressed and alone. 

It’s getting a great reaction on social media and across the country. 

‘They’re Takin’ All the Good We Got’

With lyrics that speak about how the left is seeking to tear down statues, burn cities, and shame patriots, Lewis bashes progressives for wanting to steal “all the good we got” and people can definitely relate. 

Lewis is best known for being the lead singer of the rock group Staind; Staind put out seven albums. He launched his country career around a decade ago and now with this song he is hitting the big time. 

In fact, “Am I the Only One?” hit number one on iTunes for US downloads on July 4. 

Lewis says that he wrote the song because he’s worried about the future for his three kids and sees “a very small handful” of extreme leftists trying to bring down America. They are also trying to ruin what his relatives fought for in America’s wars. 

Standing Up for America

Lewis often sports a MAGA hat at concerts and has another song called “If I Were a Liberal” that destroys the leftist worldview. 

“Am I the Only One?” includes a line about not singing along to Bruce Springsteen songs, which conservatives will likely understand. Springsteen has a podcast with Barack Obama and famously said he’d leave the US if Trump were elected in 2020. 

Springsteen has repeatedly criticized Trump and called him not a true patriot.

Democrats’ History of Hate

Speaking about the Tulsa Massacre and Biden’s ongoing activism on racial injustices before a concert, Lewis pointed out that the historical evils of America were all done by Democrats. 

Pointing to various racist laws that the Democrats have passed, Lewis spoke recently before a concert about how “every scar” in American history has come from the Democrat Party.

Lewis was highly successful as part of Staind, but I think his country career is about to launch into the stratosphere. 

His words are ringing true for people across this country who are sick and tired of leftist bullies overrunning our government, military, schools, and health system. 

Lewis is one of the few – in country music or anywhere – who is willing to call out the insanity to its face. 

Want more from Aaron? Check out his song “If I Were a Liberal.”