Conservative Radio Host Mark Levin Issues Emergency Red Alert to Patriots

Every regime has its dissidents, rebels, and malcontents who won’t go along with the party line. In the Soviet Union, these were pro-democracy figures who stood up to their dictatorial government and stood for faith and freedom.

In the United States, they are people like Tucker Carlson and Fox News host Mark Levin. The left hates these figures and constantly mocks and insults them for one very simple reason: millions of people listen to people like Levin and Carlson because they tell the truth.

Now, Levin is out with a new warning that should have us all double-checking our bug-out plan.

Levin Issues Grave Warning About America Today

Speaking about the COVID vaccine passports and the growing climate of fear in the United States, Levin said that the Biden regime has truly crossed the line. Warning that we are now living under true “tyranny,” Levin urged people to take this very seriously before it gets even worse.

As Levin noted, Biden now gives news conferences that are more like those of a dictator. He rarely takes questions and mocks and insults anyone who wants to know what the hell he’s talking about.

Biden has made it clear that if you don’t get a vaccine, you’re in his sights and may face worse and worse penalties down the road. We’ve already seen nations like Australia where the government calls you randomly and sends police if you’re not in your home with facial recognition.

This is Biden’s dream: full control and big government dominance. It’s the dream of all tyrants. Meanwhile, Levin and other patriots are trying to make sure Americans understand that this is not a dress rehearsal.

Biden ‘Closest Thing’ We’ve Had to a Full Tyrant

According to Levin, Biden is not yet an actual dictator, but he’s the “closest thing” America has ever had in its history. Looking at the facts on record, this is hard to deny.

Biden hasn’t just disobeyed the Constitution; he’s taken it and put it through an industrial-grade shredder on turbo-speed and then burned the scraps with a flamethrower.

Biden’s spat in the face of every patriot and incited violence against those who choose not to get the vaccine, blaming them for those who die of COVID. Also, he’s has taken zero responsibility for anything at all, blaming everything from Afghanistan to COVID on Trump and Trump supporters.

Biden claims Trump made him pull out of Afghanistan with no plan; Trump didn’t respond well enough to COVID, Trump this, Trump that.

Levin is Right

Levin is right. Yes, things still seem fairly tame. Yet, this is always how tyranny starts. Slowly with bizarre rules and more and more regulations. Tyranny is always something that creeps along while people make excuses or say it’s not so bad. It ends in death camps and starvation.