Conservative Commentator Candace Owens Says She Will be Suing the Singer Cardi B.

The online fight between conservative commentator Candace Owens and rap singer Cardi B  has escalated dramatically.

It all started when Owens called out Cardi’s Grammy performance, where the 28-year-old singer simulated sex acts onstage with another performer who goes by “Megan Thee Stallion.”

The Grammys had record low viewership this year, but Owens was still disgusted by the inappropriate public sexual display, especially since kids were watching the awards.

Owens singled out Cardi B as a promoter of sexual degeneracy and perversion on Tucker Carlson Tonight, and that’s when the rapper went nuts on Twitter, going after Owens and eventually making a defamatory claim about Owens’ brother.

Now Owens says she is going to sue the famous singer.

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How Did Things Get to This Point?

Owens called out Cardi B for her performance, which was definitely inappropriate and crossed the line, even by liberal standards. Owens made her comments on a national cable news opinion show, which is entirely her right to do under the law. She particularly called out how Cardi B and Megan thrust their genital areas together in a simulation of lesbian sex acts.

However, Cardi B as a mentally challenged celebrity had no idea how to respond to someone who is intelligent and making solid points about the harm that her art does, so she simply resorted to calling Owens “Candy” repeatedly and then repeated a fake tweet in which Owens’ husband was accused of cheating on her with her brother and inviting Owens in as a third sex partner.

“Yes, my husband did cheat on me with my brother. Yes, he said no when I asked to join them,” said the photoshopped tweet.

Cardi B followed it up with a sickening tweet in which she said “Not you talking about two women thrusting their vaginas together while your husband and brother slap c–ks and b-lls together.”

The fake tweet involving Owens’ brother – a private citizen – may have crossed a legal line into defamation, and Owens said she will be suing the famous Bronx rapper.

Cardi B is ‘Poisoning Minds’

Owens has told the truth about people like Cardi B and the damage they’re doing to young people and especially Black people with their degenerate garbage. Owens called Cardi B a “cancer cell to culture” and she’s 100% correct.

“Art” like that on display at the Grammys belongs in the toilet, not on national television. As Owens said:

“Young black girls are having their minds poisoned by what you are trying to package and sell to them as ’empowerment’. “I’m one of the few that has courage to tell you the truth. You should thank me.”

As Owens noted to Cardi B’s immature “Candy” responses:

“The reason my comments always get you into your feelings is because deep down, you know what I am saying is true. You are in a position to empower young women to aspire to something more than taking off their clothes but you don’t feel you can be more.”

Ouch! You know Cardi B felt that one. She may be stupid, but she knows that what she’s doing is harmful and perverted.

“I still think you have potential. You are entertaining & funny— but you are not being that anymore. You have transformed into a stain on culture and what it means to be a woman,” Owens has said in the past.

That’s the sad thing is that any talent Cardi B does have is wasted on using it to be a glorified stripper telling young people to sell themselves as sex objects.

As Tucker noted on his show: “it’s hard not to conclude they’re not intentionally trying to degrade our culture and hurt our children.”

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