Congresswoman Maxine Waters Shows Her Hate of America

Congresswoman Maxine Waters is a Democrat politician from California serving her 15th term.

Those three facts about her should tell you all you need to know; however, Waters isn’t just any average Democrat. 

She comes with an extra dose of America-hating communism embedded deep within her worldview. 

While the rest of us were enjoying Independence Day and celebrating this great nation, Waters took to social media to disrespect our country and call it racist. 

Yes, she seriously did that…

Waters vs. America

Waters serves the nation in Congress and heads up the House Financial Services Committee. She took an oath to protect and preserve the US Constitution; however, she also took to social media to say that the Declaration of Independence and this nation’s founding were white supremacist. 

In addition to implying the Founding Fathers were racist pigs who don’t deserve any respect, Waters also put in anti-male language to further divide men and women. 

It’s genuinely worth asking whether she deserves a spot in Congress if she is not loyal to the founding document of the United States or its principles. 

Pointing out that slavery was bad (and that the Founding Fathers held ethnocentric views) is not original and it does not invalidate the principles they believed in. 

Waters is trying to stir up division and this kind of hate does not belong in America! This is especially true in 2021 when tensions are already so high, thanks to the liberal media and politicians like her. 

Enough is enough. 

A Chorus of Democrat Hate for America

If you thought Waters was the only one spewing anti-American hate on Independence Day, you’d be wrong, unfortunately. 

Fellow left-wing extremists (including “Squad” member Cori Bush) let loose with vile hatred; this included Bush saying that July 4th is only about freedom for “white people.”

Bush went further, however, claiming that all of America is “stolen land” from the Native Americans and that black people are still slaves. 

What the Hell?

Is This Nightmare Real?

Criticizing problems with your country is perfectly fine and healthy, but that’s not what all this is. 

This sounds a lot like communism; you can feel the undercurrent of hate and disloyalty festering under the surface of the comments from folks like Waters and Bush. 

They have a hatred for this country, clearly…and that’s just sad – and also very disturbing. 

Their free speech rights must be upheld, but serving in Congress is a privilege, not a right.

If you believe that the people who founded your nation (and more than 50% of its population who are Caucasian) are inherently bad and awful people, then what the hell are you doing representing them in government?

It’s a question that more of us should be asking on a daily basis.