Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Accuses Republicans of Wanting to Have Sex With Her

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) is a lightweight Democrat actress who thinks she’s a real politician. She literally auditioned for the role of running for her district for the Justice Democrats organization.

She also wears her Latina identity like a badge in a sick and offensive way. If you criticize her, she immediately claims you hate women or Hispanics. It’s a cheap trick and it’s also racist.

Aside from that, AOC is also very full of herself. She seems to believe she’s the sexiest woman on the planet and nobody can resist her.

The latest example of this rich Instagram Twitch idiot and her egotistical behavior has conservatives rolling on the floor laughing.

AOC Accuses of Republicans of Being ‘Creepy’ Perverts

AOC recently accused Republicans of being “creepy” perverts for commenting on a photo of her and her boyfriend outside a sushi restaurant. In particular, conservatives mocked AOC’s guy’s hippie sandals, noting he looks like a fool. That’s just a fact.

They also pointed out that AOC is outside maskless when she is one of the biggest supporters of mask mandates. This socialist freak wants to mandate masks in New York while enjoying some good old-fashioned freedom down in Ron DeSantis’ Florida.

It’s almost like saying how good Cuba’s terrorist communist regime is while enjoying liberty in the United States. In any case, in return for criticizing her hypocrisy and toady boyfriend, AOC lashed out.

She said Republicans want to “date her” and are full of “sexual frustration.” She said GOP people being perverted “weirdos” helps explain why they care so much about “LGBT people” and her personal life.

She added Republicans obviously “need therapy” for their unresolved issues.

AOC is an Absolute Idiot

Three things here.

First off, AOC never met any scrap of attention she didn’t like. This empty idiot claiming to be offended by Republicans paying attention to her is completely see-through. She loves it. She also loves thinking she’s much more attractive than she is.

Secondly, when AOC was criticized for trying to take advantage of the freedom in DeSantis’ Florida, she lashed out, saying DeSantis should stop disappearing for weeks.

DeSantis has been out of the public eye recently because he’s been taking his wife Casey to cancer treatments. Making fun of people with cancer, sounds like par for the course for the Democrats.

Thirdly, why is AOC accusing Republicans of needing therapy as a way to shame and insult them? Isn’t the whole point of the garbage left that everyone needs therapy and that’s a good thing?

This idiotic attention seeker needs to resign as soon as possible, because a serious governing body like the US House of Representatives has zero place for someone like her in its ranks.

Get out of here, AOC. Go enjoy your boyfriend’s communist sausage feet on the beach. We don’t want to hear another word from you.