Congressman Adam Kinzinger Calls on Matt Gaetz to Resign Over Sex Scandal Allegations

To say Congressman Matt Gaetz is in hot water would be an understatement.

The sex scandal allegations against him have only gotten worse as more evidence has come out to support the claims against the Florida representative and strong Trump supporter.

There has also been some evidence that Gaetz’s claims he’s being extorted by a former DOJ official may also have some truth to them.

But now the first Republican is calling for Gaetz to step aside. Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger tweeted out that Gaetz should step down.

It’s no surprise, given how opposed the two men are politically, representing the opposite camps of the GOP. But it’s still a bad development for Gaetz.

Adam Bandt accepts giant petition against child sex trafficking by Greens MPs is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Adam Bandt accepts giant petition against child sex trafficking by Greens MPs is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The Accusations Against Gaetz

In addition to claiming Gaetz paid for sex multiple times and had sex with a young woman who he paid for intimacy and to travel with him, reports have tied Gaetz to convicted sex trafficker Joel Greenberg who Gaetz paid $900, followed by Greenberg paying multiple young women the money the next day after Gaetz said to “hit up ____” naming a young woman who’d recently turned 18. 

The media had previously reported the girl as being 17, but it appears from messages between Greenberg and Gaetz that she was actually 18. Her friends say she now works in the porn industry. 

Gaetz and Greenberg would reportedly go around having sex with various women in hotel rooms and Gaetz himself bragged to colleagues in Congress about women he’d had sex with, showing their photos and scoring them on a points system like a sport. 

Greenberg has been indicted on sex trafficking crimes involving a girl who was 17 and 33 other counts and he apparently was a leading Sugar Daddy from his position as Seminole County Tax Collector, arranging a large collection of young women for prominent Florida politicians. 

Greenberg is expected to go for a plea deal meaning Gaetz’s goose may soon be cooked, and if the paper trail that’s been uncovered is what it looks like then both men are amazingly dense and did almost nothing to try to hide their crimes. 

It is definitely possible, since prominent politicians tend to feel they’re above the law and will never get caught. Gaetz was apparently asking many senior members of the Trump Administration about how a “blanket pardon” might work for him last year and was considering jumping to a position at Newsmax recently instead of staying in Congress. 

Now it’s all becoming clear why that might have been the case. 

What’s the Bottom Line?

At this point the bottom line is that we don’t have in-court proof of the records that have been uncovered and even though Greenberg has had a federal indictment put against him, Gaetz is still just dealing with the investigation, not an indictment yet. 

In addition, if the young lady Gaetz was having sex with was 18 then the most he’d likely be charged with is prostitution, not the far more serious charge of underage sex trafficking. 

Gaetz could definitely be booted from Congress, but it’s far from clear that he’s committed a crime at this point. 

Kinzinger is one of the most anti-Trump members of the GOP and has long disliked Gaetz, Marjorie Taylore-Greene and others for their pro-Trump, populist rhetoric and sympathies. Kinzinger has had more than enough of the MAGA wing of the Republican party and is part of the crowd of people trying to get it back to its neoconservative, establishment past. 

What do you think? Do you agree with Kinzinger that Gaetz should quit or is he wrong? 

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