Commie Dems Style Florida ‘Terrorist State,’ But Still Enjoy It

The political left is breaking new sanity and dignity barriers every single day. Now, a Democratic strategist has called GOP-led Florida a “terrorist state” – while also admitting she just spent her spring vacation there.

Lefties Fuming over Florida’s Success

One of the things that infuriates today’s Democrats the most has been the success of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. He spearheaded a crackdown on wokeness and the vicious sponsors of evil radical ideologies – namely, the Disney Corporation.

Yet, the Democrats are not letting up. In one of their latest abominations, a Democratic Party strategist named Aisha Mills declared on CNN that Florida was a “terrorist state.”

At the same time, the highly unknown Democrat, whose personal website states that she is working in favor of “the new majority” in the United States, also admitted she nonetheless took her family to the Sunshine State for a spring break vacation.

‘Don’t Go There, Never Mind I Do’

Mills’ comments were in reaction to a travel advisory by the NAACP.

This is a leftist civil rights nonprofit, telling black Americans not to go to Florida because it “marginalized” people of color, as well as LGBT individuals, The Daily Caller reports.

Apparently, to the NAACP, unless one is allowed to broadcast the vicious goals of wokeness in public spaces 24/7, the respective state wouldn’t qualify for the organization’s approval.

Democrat apparatchik Mills claimed that as a black lesbian, she didn’t “want anything to do” with Florida. Yet, she talked in detail about how she and other “folks” go to “DeSantis land” for “sun and joy,” as well as “peace and restoration.”

The specific reason behind the NAACP travel advisory was the decision of the DeSantis administration to reject an advanced placement high school course in African-American Studies.

This course contained “queer theory” and “critical race theory,” which the governor called Marxist “indoctrination.”

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.