Commie Club: North Korea and China Strengthen Alliance

President Trump made enormous progress with North Korea. However, the traitorous liberal media insulted and criticized him, saying that Trump was leading us to the brink of nuclear war. 

Yet, instead, he led us to multiple conferences with North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un and within an inch of a nuclear disarmament treaty. 

Now the establishment failures are back in power under the Biden regime and they’re leaving the world much more dangerous than it was. 

From the Middle East to the Southern Border to Asia, we are seeing American power challenged while a tornado of chaos and violence surges up. 

America’s Enemies Are Joining Hands

As the world becomes worse, America’s enemies are joining hands. The latest example comes with China and North Korea. Not only are they allies, they are looking to make that partnership even stronger. 

Chinese dictator and leader Xi Jinping and North Korean tyrant Kim Jong Un made the announcement recently during the 60th anniversary of the defense treaty between the Hermit Kingdom and China.

The 1961 Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance, requires China or North Korea to send troops if the other is threatened or militarily attacked. 

According to Kim, North Korea will always “ceaselessly” work to strengthen their “friendly and cooperative” relationship with China. 

As for Xi? He said that North Korea and China have always “unswervingly” had each other’s backs; Xi also maintained that this will not only continue but will “unceasingly” rise to higher heights.

Translation: China and North Korea are going to be even better friends; that will ultimately lead these dangerous nuclear states to pose even more of a threat to America and the whole civilized world. 

Why Does China Back North Korea?

China doesn’t just support North Korea out of the kindness of its heart. In fact, having a kind heart is basically illegal in their communist regime. 

They so do because North Korea is a buffer between the US-influenced South Korea and them. They also do it because the full collapse of North Korea would be an absolute disaster on their border. 

Unlike the Biden Administration, China is not a very big supporter of open borders. 

According to North Korea’s Kim, the treaty proves the “stronger vitality” of the “socialist cause” of China and North Korea; therefore, they are working together to spread their authoritarian communist vision.

Meanwhile most of their citizens just want to get enough calories to physically survive for another day. 

A Dangerous World

The North Korean and Chinese friendship is nothing new. After all, Kim Jong Un’s granddad – and North Korea founder – Kim Il Sung fought with Chinese troops against Japanese invaders in Manchuria in the 1930s. 

They were already close when the Korean War broke out and China send hundreds of thousands of troops to help kill Americans in the war. 

There are still around 28,000 US troops in South Korea. 

What is Biden’s next move?