Comedian Russell Brand Reveals the Truth About 2020 Election

British comedian Russell Brand may be more well known for raunchy movies and swearing a lot, but he’s actually an interesting fellow. 

A former drug and sex addict and a clear liberal, Brand nonetheless has a rare trait among leftists: he’s willing to actually listen and learn something once in awhile instead of only forcing his view on others.

This leads to some interesting discussions; his podcast “Under the Skin” has had some fascinating guests including Edward Snowden and – recently – Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who has increasingly gone up against the woke mob and called out leftist insanity (despite being a leftist himself).

The two of them recently discussed the 2020 election and Brand came to the same conclusion as Greenwald:

The corporate media deliberately ignored the Hunter Biden story so that Biden could win the election. 

Russell Brand London Revolution Protest by Creative Commons Photos For London & Brighton is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Revelations on the Biden Family ‘are Troubling’

Brand said he found many of the revelations about the Biden family “troubling,” especially the Biden’s ties to China and corruption around the Burisma energy company in Ukraine. 

Brand said he believes that everyone in the public deserved to know the full story of what was going on around the Bidens; he also doesn’t believe it was democracy for the liberal media not to give voters information. 

Brand said despite being a liberal he’s fully done with people like Biden and the Democrat party “because look at how they behave.”

Brand went further, alleging that the Democrats “conspired to keep information” out of the hands of the public in order to steer the election to Biden, together with social media and big tech. 

“I don’t see myself as conservative,” Brand said. He then stated that the control of information is “manipulation of elections” rather than democracy. 

‘This Information was Stimy Stifled’

Saying the “information was stimy stifled controlled,” Brand said he’s completely done with the liberal narrative of them being the “good” side. 

As for his own beliefs, he no longer thinks of himself as a leftist but is more “panpolitical” or “transpolitical” and values basic human kindness, understanding and honesty more than a political label.

He’s actually onto something there I think.

Brand said that no system will be perfect, but we need a way to have those in power not manipulate and exploit the people and share the common good. He said the stifling of the Hunter Biden story shows how that isn’t the case and how the media is working to hold us all down and guide us into their narrative. 

Brand mocked the liberal media and Democrat party for telling people to shut up and be happy:

“Yeah we control the information,” Brand joked. He sad  “look at this lovely old president and enjoy your milkshake, you idiot.”