Comedian Dave Chappelle Tells the Real Truth About the Woke Movement

Dave Chappelle by JiBs. is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Comedian Dave Chappelle is one of the rare few celebrities left who isn’t afraid to speak the truth. 

He’s already rich, he’s already famous, and he’s known for his loud mouth. 

So frankly, he just doesn’t care about the liberal scolds who insist that we all use their pronouns and garbage ideas in our daily lives. 

Dave Chappelle is going to call a ball a ball and a strike a strike. 

And he’s let the liberal censors know that he’s not having any of their garbage and that the controversy over Tesla founder Elon Musk hosting “Saturday Night Live” means nothing to him. 

“No one can be woke enough,” Chappelle said, appearing on the Joe Rogan show. 

TIFF 2018 Dave Chappelle by JiBs. is licensed under CC BY 2.0

‘You’re Not Gonna Nag People Into Behaving’

There was a bit of controversy surrounding Musk’s appearance on SNL because even though he’s a genius and a huge supporter of renewable energy and other ideas, Musk doesn’t have a filter. 

Unlike most liberals he doesn’t self-censor or pretend to respect idiotic ideas like choosing your personal pronouns. And this makes progressives very angry. In fact some SNL cast members were so “offended” by Musk hosting the show that they refused to appear next to him in skits or be involved in the episode.

Those precious snowflakes! How traumatic it must be to even be in the same room as someone you disagree with. 

Dave Chappelle said he’s tired of the woke charade and even if he did agree he would never be able to go along with their annoying tactics. 

“I’m torn, because I like a warrior for a good cause, but I’m really into tactics. You’re not gonna nag people into behaving … In fact, if you continue with this tone, even if you’re right, you’ll be very hard to hear,” Chappelle said. 

As for Musk himself? He couldn’t be a nicer guy. 

Chappelle said Musk is “incredibly kind” and that when he met Musk the billionaire treated him with total respect. 

“I teased him about being the richest man on earth, and he took it with good humor. What’s funny, I had hung out with him years ago, after I quit ‘Chappelle’s Show’ … we hung out on a tour bus, and he says to me that night … ‘I met you before.’ I’m like, ‘Well, I have no recollection.’ He looked kinda hurt,” Chappelle recalled. 

‘I Don’t Know Why People are Freaking Out’

Other comedians also backed Musk, with Pete Davidson saying he doesn’t really get the controversy. 

“The guy’s a genius. I don’t know why people are freaking out. They’re like, ‘I can’t believe that Elon Musk is hosting.’ And I’m like, ‘The guy that makes the Earth better kind of, makes cool things and sends people to Mars?’”

Davidson has said some stupid things in the past mocking Christianity and making fun of small business owners in Staten Island who were shut down during the pandemic (while SNL was still in business) but he’s completely correct on this one. 

Musk is an innovator and entrepreneur. He actually does things. Unlike most of the stupid and unfunny cast of SNL he’s actually an important person. 

Entertainers should stay in their lane. We don’t need them to “ethically” sign off on things, they’re not our priest or our guru. They’re entertainers.

Dave Chappelle gets that, which is why he’s actually funny. Because he sees through the bullcrap and understands the world isn’t all some moral fairy tale and actually has a lot of ambiguity and humor and hilarious contradictions. 

Musk hosting SNL wasn’t perfect, but he was certainly funnier than its leftist cast, so good for him!