CNN Smears Tucker Carlson in Worst Way Possible

CNN became famous in the past few years for its high level of fake news. If you see real news on CNN, it’s usually a random fluke or a temporary glitch. Most of what CNN pushes is anti-American hate and paranoid propaganda that’s full of hate for this country and its people.

The latest example comes from self-obsessed CNN talking head Jim Acosta, who spent the Trump presidency whining about his feelings. He’s now out with a vile accusation against Tucker Carlson, saying words that are equal to incitement of violence.

Does Acosta want someone to physically harm Tucker Carlson? Because it sure sounds like a threat to me.

Acosta Calls Tucker ‘American Taliban’

Acosta recently called Tucker “human manure” and said Tucker is the “American Taliban” on national news. The reason for this is that Tucker doesn’t support uncontrolled Afghan migration into the US; Tucker also expressed healthy skepticism about who some of these “refugees” and allies might be.

According to Acosta, Tucker is human excrement that’s “race-baiting” and pushing conspiracies. Then, Acosta took it a step further, claiming that Tucker and other nationalist populists like Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene and Congressman Madison Cawthorn are the “American Taliban” who use fear to push people to their side.

Actually, that would be you, Acosta.

The Full List of Liberal Lies

Liberals like Acosta have a big list of predictable lies which he rolled out during his childish rant against Tucker and other conservatives. He claimed that Jan. 6 was an attempt to overthrow the US government. He claimed that the new Texas law forbidding abortion once a heartbeat is detected is “Handmaid Tale” level oppression.

Acosta claimed that conservatives want to lie, pressure people to accept their views, push “theocracy” and steal people’s rights. That’s actually Acosta and his liberal friends, who claim to be such supporters of democracy, but still won’t accept that Trump won the 2016 election.

They also won’t admit the numerous disturbing problems with the 2020 election.

Is Tucker Wrong?

Actually, Tucker is not wrong. Of course, the majority of the Afghans brought in are allies and need help. However, 100s of them have been flagged for “possible” links to the Taliban, and it’s still true that we can’t guarantee all of them are friendly to America.

The evacuation was the perfect opportunity for the Taliban to sneak a few spies into the bunch and get them a free ride to America after all.

Acosta Says Right-Wing People Want to ‘Change’ the US for the Worse

According to Acosta, conservatives are on a crusade lasting “years” that seeks to throw away democracy and people’s rights. He claims that the right in this country wants to “change” the US “forever” and get rid of its foundational values.

This guy should seriously invest in a mirror. He’s describing CNN and the left perfectly.