CNN in Chaos as Internal Rebellion Grows

The Cable News Network (CNN) came under harsh criticism lately for allowing a town hall with former President Donald Trump.

Far-left lunatic anchor Anderson Cooper even apologized to viewers following the town hall, saying Trump’s opportunity to spread his “lies” had been unacceptable.

He added that he understood if viewers were upset and didn’t blame them. CNN’s problems have snowballed since that time, with an internal fight now brewing between longtime reporter Christiane Amanpour and CNN leadership.

Why is CNN Having Problems?

CNN CEO Chris Licht took over after the departure of failed executive Jeff Zucker in February of last year. Licht vowed to make CNN more competitive and stop having it as such a propaganda-filled outlet.

This led to a lot of disgust from employees and also the departure of others, such as extremist progressive and accused sex pest Don Lemon.

It’s also important to remember that CNN is part of Warner Bros. Discovery Media, which is headed up by a man named David Zaslav.

Zaslav is in the middle of a lot of controversy, due to the ongoing Hollywood writer’s strike that wants companies like his to pay out more money. Zaslav also recently made comments about how it’s crucial to show both sides of any issue.

After many weeks of bad press and news about the internal divisions at CNN, including the kind of trash-talking betrayal of Cooper, Amanpour opened up with her own self-righteous rebellion, going after Zaslav.

Amanpour: Hearing Both Sides Hurts ‘Human Rights’ and Democracy

Amanpour is one of the few people at CNN who’s actually done real reporting and journalism. Nonetheless, she’s also worked alongside propaganda in many cases.

In this situation, Amanpour feels that CNN covering both sides is wrong since she regards one side as anti-Democratic (MAGA).

As CNN shuffles its lineup and tries to start everything over again, Licht is trying to push back against negative coverage, even while his own staff shows how ungrateful and despicable they are.

The Bottom Line

CNN needs to clean house completely. These ungrateful shrews at the network who bite the hand that pays them should be on the streets.