CNN Head Jeff Zucker Stuns Staff with Shock Resignation

CNN has had months of awful news. They are currently under fire for multiple sex scandals, including pedophilia charges against producer John Griffin and Rick Saleeby.

Then, there was the embarrassing case of legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, who touched himself during a Zoom call with colleagues.

Next came the departure of Chris Cuomo after trying to get his brother Andrew out of trouble with women he’s accused of sexually harassing.

Later arrived the sexual harassment allegations against host Don Lemon who allegedly shoved his hands in his pants and then sexually harassed a man in a bar.

Now, CNN chief Jeff Zucker is out. He says it’s because of an extramarital affair, but a deeper look shows it could be quite a bit worse.

Why Did Zucker Quit?

Officially, Zucker said he quit because of an affair he had with CNN’s head marketer Allison Gollust. Staff at CNN say this affair was already well-known by many who worked in the leadership structure.

It gets more disturbing when you consider Gollust’s previous job was working as the head of communications for former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Andrew’s brother Chris stepped down from CNN at the end of 2021 because of his work to help bury the accusations coming from women. How much were Zucker and Gollust involved in also helping out Chris and Andrew?

They were all clearly tightly enmeshed in this Democrat inner circle.

During this investigation about what exactly Chris had done to tip-off Andrew on media coverage and how to shield himself from accusations, the affair Zucker was in became fully exposed.

Now, he says he’s stepping down.

It shocked the staff who didn’t expect Zucker to quit. Lemon said Zucker’s departure has made people at CNN very “nervous” because he was a crucial leader who kept the company together.

Lemon might also be nervous because he’s got a serious sexual harassment case pending against him; meanwhile, his legal team’s attempts to push money on victim Austin Tice have been completely unsuccessful in settling it out of court.

CNN Under Zucker

Under Zucker, CNN took an even sharper turn to the left, spreading misinformation and false narratives to divide the country. It has done its best to exaggerate and worsen racial tensions.

CNN also lied about COVID, about elections, and about foreign policy on a regular basis, spreading a globalist view that’s proven extremely harmful to America’s immune system.

CNN paid for that in ratings, with some of the lowest ratings recorded in cable news heading into this year.

The network was able to coast off the Trump presidency by hyping up the fake Russia collusion hoax and melting down over tweets. However, those high ratings have gone the way of the dodo bird as the network segued into the Biden years.

They can no longer just focus on Trump and their pro-Biden propaganda has become more and more boring for people. Even leftists and liberals are now switching off CNN because it simply has nothing to say other than state propaganda.