CNN Gets Hit with Another Child Sex Scandal

CNN isn’t just fake news. It’s also crawling with predators. If they keep getting fired, the network won’t have anyone left.

The latest scandal was exposed by Project Veritas and shows that Jake Tapper’s senior producer, Rick Saleeby, is a child predator who fantasizes about minors in a sexual way. Is anyone really surprised at this point?

Just last week, former CNN host Chris Cuomo’s producer John Griffin was arrested for allegedly sexually abusing a 9-year-old at his Vermont home. Meanwhile, Don Lemon is facing charges for rubbing his genitals and forcing a man to smell them in a Long Island bar.

This network needs to be shut down until we figure out what’s going on.

Meet Rick Saleeby

Meet Rick Saleeby (if you’re a minor, that’s not a good idea, actually). Rick Saleeby is a CNN producer who works on The Lead, hosted by arrogant anti-Trump personality Jake Tapper.

He was exposed recently by Project Veritas as part of a pedophilia controversy at CNN. The revelations exposed texts from Saleeby about the daughter of his fiancee.

According to the texts, Saleeby was a crazed pedophile who was obsessed with his partner’s daughter and tried to traffic her images to other people he knew.

In one text that was exposed, Saleeby fantasized about how he could see the minor’s genital outlines in the bathing suit she wore around the pool at home. He allegedly took photos and sold them.

Saleeby also fantasized about the young 14-year-old girl performing oral sex on him and talked about his plan to coerce her into sexual acts.

He also allegedly asked another woman at CNN for explicit photos of her and her daughter. It’s starting to sound like CNN might not be such a “safe space” after all.

Predators, Watch Out!

The mother of the girl who was harassed by Saleeby expressed appreciation to Project Veritas, saying she is “grateful” for what they’ve done. Her world was “flipped” over by the actions of Saleeby.

The mother also said she is “praying” charges against Saleeby are forthcoming. The girl’s mom said she’ll do anything to keep her “babies” safe and “predators” like Saleeby need to pay the price.

It’s highly ironic that the left goes on about safe spaces, respect, and sensitivity when they keep getting exposed as predators and abusers.

Once you peel away the outer mask of the arrogant liberal personality, all too often, you find a perverted, predatory and exploitative individual. This individual thinks he has the right to treat the world as his playground (literally).

As I said, CNN’s problems just keep getting worse. It needs to be shut down for the sake of public safety at this point, until we can figure out what’s going on.