CNN Fake News Anchor Chris Cuomo Accused of Sexual Assault

First there was former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. He led to thousands of old people’s deaths by forcing old folks homes to take COVID-positive people. Then, he got hit with a bunch of sexual harassment allegations and said they were just him being “Italian.”

Andrew’s brother, Chris Cuomo, over at CNN was caught red-handed helping Andrew draft a denial. Now, he’s also been accused of sexual assault by a woman who says Cuomo was so brazen he grabbed her in front of her own husband.

What Happened?

This specific accusation is about something Cuomo did way back in 2005. Doing this kind of thing definitely brings up questions about how much worse Cuomo may have done behind the scenes. Maybe his brother Andrew was just learning from him?

The accusations against Chris come from Shelley Ross, who formerly worked at ABC and was his boss. Their roles shifted and she wasn’t his boss anymore. Ross says Chris came to a party for staff and hugged her, reaching behind to firmly squeeze her buttocks as he did so.

He then whispered that since she was no longer his boss, he could do what he wanted. Ross’ husband was standing right next to her, unknown to sleazeball Chris. Ross and her husband left right away in disgust.

Are the Accusations Proven?

That’s the thing: Ross has the actual email Chris Cuomo sent one hour after this, saying he was “ashamed” about what happened at the party. As Ross details, the get-together was at a bar in a trendy part of New York; Cuomo simply walked right in and squeezed her butt.

Her husband who was sitting on a couch near her saw the whole thing and was disgusted. Ross said the arrogance and inappropriate nature of the incident really bothers her. Also, she believes Cuomo’s sorry e-mail was just to cover his own butt, in the event that what happened got out.

Well now, many years later, it finally has…

The Left’s Double Standard

Let’s not mince any words here: the Cuomos are one of New York’s most powerful political families. They’re all linked up with other powerful Democrat families, like the Clintons, as well.

These folks seem to have a strange habit of grabbing people without their consent or taking shady trips to Jeffrey Epstein’s island. What’s up with that? We listened to years of people like Chris and Andrew Cuomo whine about Trump and claim he’s a rapist for using a few rude words.

Now, it turns out that was all projection: these are the real sexual assaulters. These are arrogant men who believe their political and media power gives them the right to treat women however they would like and to be complete pigs.

They have no place in the public spotlight, unless it’s in a courtroom.